03/29/2014 – Doc’s Group Therapy Nasty Neighbors @ WT Bubba’s Little Rock, Arkansas

To Download the Podcast – http://docsgrouptherapy.com/march-2014-docs-group-therapy-nasty-neighbors-wt-bubbas-little-rock-arkansas To Subscribe to Doc’s Group Therapy – http://feeds.feedburner.com/DocsGroupTherapy This and other blogs can be found on www.DocsGroupTherapy.com and www.MichaelDocDavis.com March 2014 – Doc’s Group Therapy Nasty Neighbors @ WT  Bubba’s Little Rock, Arkansas Doc’s Group Therapy Comedy Broadcast / Podcast (Nasty Neighbors) streamed live on (http://www.MixLR.com/docs-group-therapy) and recorded from […]

09/14/2013 – Little Rock Celebrity Waiter for American Cancer Society for 2013

This and other articles / blogs can be found on my website at http://MichaelDocDavis.com or http://Facebook.com/MichaelDocDavis Another great year!  To see so many local celebrities come together for such a great cause like the American Cancer Society (http://Cancer.org) is a moving experience.  .  The American Cancer Society is an organization that is tirelessly working towards […]

05/21/2012 – May 2012 Doc’s Group Therapy Podcast with The Point 94.1 at Maduro

The shows / sessions are brought to you by MCDlink, Inc (www.MCDLink.com), Loony Bin Comedy Club (www.loonybincomedy.com) and State Of Comedy (www.StateOfComedy.com). This show / session included Interview with Point 94.1, Maduro’s Owner, Topic of the Month (Dating Crazy People), Un-Doc-Umented News, and Ask the Group What a CRAZY Doc’s Group Therapy session — www.DocsGroupTherapy.com.  This […]

06/21/2011 – WTF Comedy Show LIVE at the Loony Bin | Little Rock, Arkansas

HOLY FREAK’N MOLY!!! The Loony Bin Comedy Club in Little Rock, Arkansas (http://LoonyBinComedy.com/LR) presented the WTF Comedy show live on Tuesday, June 21st. This show was the BIGGEST Arkansas Showcase they have put on so far. A huge thanks to Jeff Jones and the Loony Bin staff for being OUTSTANDING and helping make the show […]

04/20/2010 – Performed / Hosted Underground Comedy @ Sticky Fingerz | Little Rock, Arkansas

How often does a community get to see and support their local comedians and for FREE!!!  Not often enough is what I say.  State of Comedy (http://www.stateofcomedy.com/) proudly presents Underground Comedy, a free night of local comedy.  The comedians for the night were Matt Singer, Reagan Dalby, Ben Malone, Michael Mumphrey, Reuben the Meatman, Kendel […]

03/08/2010 – Judging Arkansas’ Funniest Person 2 – Little Rock, Arkansas

I had the honor to be a judge in this year’s Arkansas’ Funniest Person contest. Although a co-founder of the event and an original host, I felt it would be better that the winner of last year’s AFP be this year’s co-host. Chucky D did a great job and kept everything flowing alongside Angry Patrick. Despite some small […]

01/02/2010 – New Years Eve Party @ West End with The Meanies

I had an absolute blast at West End (http://www.westendsmokehouse.net) for the 2010 New Year Celebration. Bekkah and I started out eating some of that ALWAYS great food when we got there.   Some of my other buddies were upstairs at Seki Sui eating Sushi and stuff. Apparently Danny, the lead singer of The Meanies, tried Sushi but he […]

12/18/2009 – Dancing Christmas Lights in Conway, Arkansas for Make a Child Smile

I had the privilege of doing my comedy news set, Un-DOC-Umented News (www.undocumentednews.com), live from a Remote with The Point 94.1’s Sharpe Dunaway (www.thepoint941.com) at the Brighter’s house (www.brightersofconway.com) in Conway, Arkansas.  The light show benefits the organization ‘Make a Child Smile’ (www.makeachildsmile.net) located in Conway, Arkansas.  Stromboli's (www.conwaydining.com/restaurant.php?id=125) was also there from Conway, Arkansas […]

The Point 94.1 Turkey Drop in Little Rock, Arkansas – They Went EVERYWHERE, Bombs away from Doc!!!

What a GREAT event!!! Turkeys DROPPED from a Helicopter!!! The Point 94.1's Sharpe Dunaway and Mike Kennedy that created and coordinated the event. I was the fly guy dropping turkeys. Thanks to Bale Honda as the location sponsor, Colonial Wines & Spirits as the Title Sponsor and The Meat Shop for supplying the soon to be dropped turkeys. This was […]

Un-DOC-Umented News – http://www.undocumentednews.com

Check out Un-DOC-Umented news at http://www.undocumentednews.com… Un-DOC-Umented news is REAL news with a twist of Doc… now a feature on The Point 94.1 on Fridays.     Thanks,   Michael "Doc" Davis (Comedian, Entertainer, Event Host / MC)   Website: http://www.comediandoc.com Un-DOC-Umented News to Yous: http://www.UnDocumentedNews.com Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/comediandoc Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Michael-Doc-Davis/52185300733 Twitter: http://twitter.com/comediandoc Blog Spot: http://comediandoc.blogspot.com/ […]