I had the honor to be a judge in this year’s Arkansas’ Funniest Person contest. Although a co-founder of the event and an original host, I felt it would be better that the winner of last year’s AFP be this year’s co-host. Chucky D did a great job and kept everything flowing alongside Angry Patrick. Despite some small logistical issues, Chucky D and Patrick kept the show moving and entertaining for sure.
I had a blast judging alongside the other judges. Erik Meyers is a national comedian that had me laughing so hard that my stomach and jaws hurt when he closed the night’s contest as the Headliner. The third judge was Jeff Cage.
The layout of the venue added challenges to the contestants but several overcame to prove their drive and desire to win. I have to admit that I wanted to ‘Simon’ a few of the comedians but felt that with the intimidation of a large and at times loud crowd made things difficult enough for some of the less experienced.   Getting on a stage is VERY hard to do but a comedian has to own overcome that, hard audiences, and maintain. I fully support all of the comedians that advanced but there was one or two that didn’t make it that I in fact voted high for… This proves that the crowd has a HUGE impact to who advances. There is still a save the comedian option available through online voting. Most of the comedians in AFP can be found on State of Comedy (http://www.stateofcomedy.com).
I had a great time and I will be present once again for the next preliminary round to root on more Arkansas’ Comedians. Good luck to all of those that will be competing and great job to those that have already.
On a side note, I do appreciate all of the love from the folks in the audience that said hello, the hugs, drinks, and references to my Un-DOC-Umented News. Un-DOC-Umented News can be heard on The Point 94.1 between 5-6PM every Friday with Sharpe Dunaway and Mike Kennedy. You can also hear it on http://www.undocumentednews.com.
It was cool to see that the WTF Comedians were all present at the AFP Contest. The comedians include Chucky D, Tommy Kelley and me (Michael “Doc” Davis). For those that asked, yes I’ll post information on upcoming WTF (Way Too Funny) Comedy shows (http://www.wtfcomedy.com) on all of the websites soon. 
Michael "Doc" Davis (http://www.comediandoc.com)

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