01/16/2016 – WTF Comedy Show, Comedy for Cops | Fayetteville, Arkansas

I had an amazing time performing as WTF Comedy once again! WE STILL GOT IT!!! BOOM #AndStuff in Fayetteville, Arkansas at The Chancellor Hotel. Tommy Kelley, Chuck Lawrence and Michael Doc Davis as The Three Amigos, yep… we absolutely had a blast and ROCKED it out. Several folks even said it was the BEST comedy they had […]

07/12/2014 – WTF Comedy and Tornado Relief Show @ Front Street Grill, Dardanelle, Arkansas

This and other blogs can be found on these websites: Michael “Doc” Davis – http://www.MichaelDocDavis.com | http://www.WTFComedy.com What an incredible time and show for WTF Comedy and tornado relief for Red Cross at Front Street Grill in Dardanelle, Arkansas. Billy ‘Pirate’ Shaddox, Tommy Kelley, Chucky D with Brent Frazier and Michael ‘Doc’ Davis were in […]

10/19/2012 – WTF Comedy at the Gold Star Club in Newport, Arkansas

This is other blogs / articles can be found on my website – http://www.MichaelDocDavis.com or http://www.ComedianDoc.com. If you could only imagine what it’s like for two comedians to be on a road trip together on the way to a comedy show.  If you would have been a fly on the car door… you would likely […]

July 2012 – Docs Group Therapy at MacDaddy’s | N. Little Rock, Arkansas

The Podcast for this session is available using this link — http://docsgrouptherapy.com/july-2012-podcast-docs-group-therapy-at-macdaddys-n-little-rock-arkansas/ Doc’s Group Therapy Podcast was recorded live at MacDaddy’s in North Little Rock on July 28th.   The panel included the host Michael ‘Doc’ Davis, his awesome geeky side kick Grant Morris (In Spirit), bored-board man Luke Rowlan, WTF Comedians Tommy Kelley and Chucky […]

05/28/2012 – WTF Comedy @ Loony Bin Comedy Club | Little Rock, Arkansas

Although this blog is a bit overdue, it’s not lost!  WTF Comedy is always a blast of a show for everyone!  May 22nd, 2012, the drinks were flowing, the pre-show WTF Comedy videos where on the big screen, along with Tommy Kelley, Chucky D, and Michael Doc Davis mingling.  That’s right it was a bit […]

04/03/2012 – Michael “Doc” Davis Opens for Torian Hughes and Headliner Rob Little

We completed 7 shows in 4 days at the Loony Bin Comedy club – www.LoonyBinComedy.com in Little Rock, Arkansas starting on 03/28 to 03/21.  We had incredible crowds and even a show that there just wasn’t any more room.   Wednesday night shows always include an open mic portion that had both seasoned and starting out […]

01/18/2012 – Doc’s Group Therapy Debut at The Loony Bin Comedy Club

What a great place to Debut Doc’s Group Therapy (www.DocsGroupTherapy.com) than at The Loony Bin comedy club (www.LoonybinComedyClub.com) in Little Rock, Arkansas.  This was a LIVE Podcast recorded show with a studio audience.  It was an incredible success and a blast to have.  More about this event will be in Revel Magazine (www.RevelAtConway.com).    We discussed […]

11/14/2011 – Comedy Show / Karaoke Contest, Central Arkansas SPCA Benefit – Jacksonville, Arkansas

This was an incredible night and it started out with the Arkansas Razorbacks beating the tar out of Tennessee (49 to 7).  This set the stage for a great night of laughs, great spirits, dancing, and singing.    The Goal Post (7607 John Hardin Rd. in Jacksonville, Arkansas) is a nice location, warm atmosphere, and the […]

10/02/2011 – World Premiere of The Tuckerman Movie

The Tuckerman Movie (www.TuckermanMovie.com) is a psychological thriller filmed and produced exclusively in Arkansas that includes almost 35 Arkansas actors starring Michael ‘Doc’ Davis (www.MichaelDocDavis.com) and Shelia Stanfield (www.SheliaStanfield.com). Here is the movie plot outline: As a teenager, Robert Coltman had loved Connie Sutton. Now, as an adult, she's committed suicide. Or so they say. […]

06/21/2011 – WTF Comedy Show LIVE at the Loony Bin | Little Rock, Arkansas

HOLY FREAK’N MOLY!!! The Loony Bin Comedy Club in Little Rock, Arkansas (http://LoonyBinComedy.com/LR) presented the WTF Comedy show live on Tuesday, June 21st. This show was the BIGGEST Arkansas Showcase they have put on so far. A huge thanks to Jeff Jones and the Loony Bin staff for being OUTSTANDING and helping make the show […]