2010.03.08 04:42:15

The WTF Comedians Michael “Doc” Davis, Tommy Kelley, and Chucky D arrived to see and perform at the newly updated Front Street Grill in Dardanelle, Arkansas. The Owner, Monti, has done an incredible job making everything bigger and better. On top of the kick but layout of the Venue, Front Street Grill mixed a special drink just for the occasion to memorialize the show and it was called the WTF Slam. Once you down it, you definitely say… WTF.

The show was a standing room only event that started out with Michael “Doc” Davis serving up new stories, twisted thoughts, and just general craziness along with his catch phrase ‘Get it where you can’. Tommy Kelley took the stage with ‘funny as all geut out’ songs, antics, and engagements with the crowd. From what I was told, Tommy was better than a cold ____. Chucky D closed the show strong as always and had one particular lady almost pee herself. OK, I think I may have peed a little too.   By the way, never give Chucky a high five. 
It was an honor to have all of the birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions being shared with us. We love ALL of you and thank you SO MUCH for coming to the show. We definitely felt the love from the audience to the stage. We also want to thank you for the INCREDIBLE compliments, hugs, and loven’s.
After the show was done, WE WEREN’T, so we partied the night out. People were buying us drinks and we signed stuff including the people. What a fun and great night of comedy. Many of you said it was the best show there by far and asked if we are coming back. The answer is ABSOLUTELY. See you all again soon.
Thank you all and please visit the WTF website at http://www.wtfcomedy.com and remember WTF = WAY TOO FUNNY!
Michael “Doc” Davis


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