Michael Doc Davis

Michael Doc DavisI had an amazing time performing as WTF Comedy once again! WE STILL GOT IT!!! BOOM #AndStuff in Fayetteville, Arkansas at The Chancellor Hotel.

Michael Doc Davis, Supporting Law EnforcementTommy Kelley, Chuck Lawrence and Michael Doc Davis as The Three Amigos, yep… we absolutely had a blast and ROCKED it out. Several folks even said it was the BEST comedy they had ever seen / heard, especially in Fayetteville, Arkansas. HAPPY TIMES supporting our Law Enforcement and being part of the Fraternal Order of Police event.  You can find some photos from the show using this link.  (Photos taken by my wifey pooh Christy Davis – LetsGoPromo.com)

It’s been a while since I’ve hit the stage due to my Syringomyelia but I believe I’m ‘back’ in business.  I even incorporated my ‘back’ stuff into my comedy set to raise a little awareness to it. 

Seeing and hearing all of the people laughing and having such a great time always makes doing what I do worth it.  The crazy part is that when I’m on stage, my  Syringomyelia seems to not bother me at all.  Comedy truly is the best medicine.  It never fails, watching people relate and snicker at my life inspired comedy actually makes me laugh too.  Even an older lady at the end of the show said thanks to me, she now knows what ‘prairie dogging’ means as her face turned red.  What can I say, my comedy is very educational.

Michael Doc Davis, Supporting Law EnforcementTommy Kelley and Chucky D absolutely crushed the stage too.  We are always adding new stuff or doing new stuff with old stories.  Looks like we will be part of future ‘Comedy for Cops’ shows and requested by our Military.  However, for those that are curious… we do not worry about offending, shocking or at times making even the calmest person say WTF!!!  That’s the way we roll!  It’s all about getting out of a comfort zone and just LAUGH!

A huge thank you to the wonderful staff of the The Chancellor Hotel.  They were extremely courteous and friendly.  As they poured drinks for everyone, I could still hear them laughing at the comedy.  Yep, they are definitely multi-taskers.  The event location was great and Chucky D’s sound system filled the room perfectly.  I also would like to thank Gaylon for booking the WTF Comedy crew for their fundraising event and my wife Christy for always supporting me and putting up with my crap.

We love our law enforcement officers and are always proud to support them and give them a little mental break from all the stress of protecting and serving.  They deserve it!!!

I look forward to seeing you all at the next show and always feel free to contact me if you would like to book us.

Michael Doc Davis (Comedian, MC & Actor)

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