Michael “Doc” Davis is “Doc the Comedian”, an Arkansas resident since 1974.  Doc contributes most of his outgoing and entertaining personality to his mother and his competitiveness to his 3 siblings.  Doc was always the class clown and the family entertainer at holiday dinners.  This of course led him to where he is today.  He enjoys the high-speed road to entertainment of acting, film, stand-up comedy, improvisational comedy, radio, and television.

Doc, an award winner, has placed among top comedians in contests from open mic to large event competitions and being named Best Comedian by the readers of Arkansas’ Magazine Sync Weekly.  He employs a very animated and high energy comedic style that he uses to emcee, host, feature comedy shows and other types of events.  No matter how long he works, he always maintains his funny energetic self on and off stage.  Because of his talent, he is labeled as one the most sought after event hosts and master of ceremonies in his home state of Arkansas.  His performances are compared to a mix between Jim Carey, Robin Williams, and Steve Martin.  People have no trouble relating to the topics Doc touches on when he is performing. Doc believes that life is too short not laugh at it and his motto is simply ‘Laughter is the Best Medicine’.  He has served as the host and roast master of several news-worthy Arkansas celebrity roasts.  When you see Doc, you better be prepared for the unexpected because he engages the crowd whether on the stage or not.

Doc the Comedian has worked with national celebrities such as Rick Gutierrez, Cowboy Bill Martin, Rob Little, and James Johann just to name a few.  You can hear him performing his Doc’s Group Therapy podcast feature (www.DocsGroupTherapy.com) that includes his “Un-DOC-Umented News” that was previously on air with The Point 94.1 but now can be heard worldwide.  He is part of the “Way Too Funny” (www.WTFComedy.com) comedy team along with Chucky D and Tommy Kelley.  Together they perform live comedy shows and comedic short films, which have received worldwide attention.

He supports charitable organizations, such as: American Cancer Society (www.Cancer.org), Children’s Advocacy Alliance (www.HopeAndJustice.org), B.A.C.A. (www.BACAWorld.org/), Youth Home (www.YouthHome.org), Make a Child Smile (www.MakeAChildSmile.net/), and more.  He also became a Court Appointed Special Advocate to help raise awareness and funds to fight child abuse.

Michael “Doc” Davis is not just a comedian and diverse entertainer; he is also a stage and screen actor.  He has performed as lead, support and as extras in Arkansas films.  He’s taken on several roles to test his range as a thespian; from being a comedic dork named Dave to a fresh out of prison vengeful ex-husband.

You can regularly find him in state and local newspapers, magazine publications and on radio stations in and around the state of Arkansas relating to his entertainment, film, and charity work.

Website: www.MichaelDocDavis.com

Facebook: www.FaceBook.com/MichaelDocDavis

IMDB:  www.imdb.me/MichaelDocDavis