HOLY FREAK’N MOLY!!! The Loony Bin Comedy Club in Little Rock, Arkansas (http://LoonyBinComedy.com/LR) presented the WTF Comedy show live on Tuesday, June 21st. This show was the BIGGEST Arkansas Showcase they have put on so far. A huge thanks to Jeff Jones and the Loony Bin staff for being OUTSTANDING and helping make the show a success! We also wanted to thank everyone for coming out to the show on a Tuesday night to pack it out. What is special about a Tuesday you might ask… well it’s just before WTF (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) which was very fitting for our show, I might add.

Leading up to the show on the big screen, the Loony Bin premiered WTF Comedy short films and videos. We also premiered a zany silly concept between each one, called Rrama Llama by James Foard. You just have to see it to get it. The WTF Comedy short films and videos can be found at http://WTFComedy.com and Rrama Llama, you can look up on http://FunnyOrDie.com.

Lights, camera, laughter! Now the cameras were rolling with Grant Morris, James Foard, and Rick Morgan manning them. These guys are the ones behind the scenes and sometimes in front of the camera that make everything work. They just plain ROCK! The morning show guys, Sharpe Dunaway and Mike Kennedy, from The Point 94.1 (http://Point941.com/) came up to the stage showing their love and support for local entertainment. These are some GREAT guys to say the least. Doug Kramer from KLAZ 105.9 / Big Dumb Fun show (http://klaz.com) and Comedian Amy Pannell from 88.3FM (http://kabf.org) were also present to support local entertainment. Thanks to all of them!

The show was billed as a triple feature that included Tommy Kelley (http://ComedianTommyKelley.com), Michael “Doc” Davis (http://ComedianDoc.com), and Chucky D (http://ComedianChuckyD.com). First up was Tommy Kelley, the king of Arkansas country comedy and one of the back wood boys. Tommy was hilarious like he always is with that special twang that can make a simple greeting quite funny. He opened it up with no hesitation, energizing the audience and brought the funny big time. Lil’ ol me, Michael “Doc” Davis, was up next to do my thing with my special twist of quick fire comedy and funny stories. I have to admit that I do love to engage the audience, bring them into the fun and be part of the show… ok to a certain point! That showing of the skin threw me off a little! To top it all off, Chucky D took the stage to complete the night with some gut-clenching laughter and baring it all. Can we say moose knuckle? I think we can. Yes, Chucky is that sexy and Nana has a problem! It was truly GREAT fun all around.

It was incredible to know that people from all over came to the show, including some that were from fairly far out of town that stayed the night in Little Rock. We had film makers, bands, regular folks, other comedians, and more. All of the hugs, knuckle pounds, emails, and wall posts have been most excellent and deeply appreciated. We love all of you!

See you at the next show. The schedule and flyers will be posted on http://WTFComedy.com or you can find us on FaceBook at http://FaceBook.com/WTFComedy.

This show was filmed and we are hoping that we can make a DVD out of it, along with the WTF Comedy short films and videos.

Thank you to EVERYONE,

Michael "Doc" Davis (Actor, Comedian, Entertainer, Event Host / MC)
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