On May 1st, we battled the weather in order to “Battle for Autism Awareness”, but we didn’t let the bad weather stop us! At the Hole in the Wall Venue (http://HoleInTheWallVenue.com) in Atkins Arkansas, local bands prepared to go to battle for a coveted radio exposure opportunity on The Edge 100.3 FM (http://EdgeLittleRock.com). On top of the radio spot, I will also include all of the bands in my article in the Arkansas Rockstar Magazine for the June edition along with several blog spots. With that being said, these weren’t the only wins that would result from the day; we also raised awareness about autism and nearly $400 for the Autism Speaks organization (http://AutismSpeaks.org).

I have to admit as I drove to the event, I was quite worried about the number of flood warnings and bad weather looming just after big rains and deadly storms rolled through Arkansas. To my amazement, the sun peaked through the clouds seemingly guiding my truck to the warm hearts supporting this great cause. I pressed on and arrived at The Hole in the Wall Venue in Atkins. I loved the fact that kids were able to run around inside and have fun, play with toys and games, while teenagers did what they do, yep texting, eating, laughing, and just having great clean fun. An older crowd was also present and they were having just as much fun. Wayne and Jarred Webster (Owners / Managers) greeted me like family as I walked in. This place may be called the Hole in the Wall, but this place is FULL of heart! The Reasons Family Photography (http://Facebook.com/pages/Reasons-Family-Photography/162981230391620) was on hand to capture shots from the event and did an incredible job. Associated photos with this article were all taken by these very talented photographers.

It was time for the event to begin and I took the stage. I had a great time doing some comedy and chatting with the kids and adults in the audience. As I am sure you’ve figured out, I was both Comedian and MC for this event and it was a lot of fun entertaining age ranges from 4 to upper something Not Guessing in order to not offend, HAHA. Wayne hides his age well for an older dude. Then I had the pleasure to introduced Dawn Itzkowitz, the chair for Autism Speaks. Dawn has an amazing story in regards to Autism. Her own son has autism and he is one cool kid that I enjoyed meeting last year along with the rest of her family. I’ve learned a lot about autism over the past year and I’m still amazed by how much we all don’t know. I don’t consider autism a disability of learning and socialization; they just have a different way that they do it. If you would like to know more about Autism, please go to their website at http://AutismSpeaks.org.

Next was the main event, the battle for 1st place in the 1st Annual Battle for Autism. The first band, Atma out of Russellville, took the stage and started out the day’s rocking very strong with no hesitation; they energized the room and set the pace for the rest of the bands. Next up was Still Reign out of Conway and they heated up the stage to show they were there to compete. Their keyboard player was jamming so hard that he knocked 2 keys off his board while he was playing, but they never missed a beat. The third band was RoseFire from Batesville, and I have to say that they got several heads rocking and everyone watching. Their lead singer engaged the crowd and pumped up the atmosphere. They represented Batesville with some serious fire, ROSEFIRE!!! The final band, PoisonWood from Conway, took the stage and the thrashing began! I almost had to get up and get my self-mosh on! The lighting and rain may have been outside, but PoisonWood brought the electricity inside. All of these bands were outstanding, VERY unique and quite impressive. Arkansas Has some serious talent and all of these bands proved it.

The band’s links can be found on Facebook or on their Websites:

• Atma (Russellville) – http://Facebook.com/AtmaBand

• Still Reign (Conway) – http://Facebook.com/pages/Still-Reign/115029228179

• RoseFire (Batesville) – http://RoseFireBand.com

• PoisonWood (Conway) – http://Facebook.com/pages/PoisonWood/207780721629

If the entertainment from the bands wasn’t enough, there were refreshments, food, and awesome auction Items. The items ranged from an Ibanez Guitar, autographed by Dark from Day One & Future Leaders of the World, a Signature Series Harmonica, to lots of gift cards from local Atkins Merchants helping the cause. You will never guess who won the raffle for the guitar, nope not me; the winner was Dawn from Autism Speaks! What did she do? She donated it back and a new winner was drawn, and that kiddo darn near started crying from being so happy… AWESOME!!!

Well Doc, WHO WAS THE WINNER??? I’m getting to that so hold your horses!!! The winner was, <insert drum roll>, from Conway, Arkansas… POISONWOOD!!! They will be interviewed on The Edge 100.3 FM in May. They were so PUMPED and rightfully so. Great job guys! You should be very proud of yourselves. All of the bands were GREAT and you should all be proud of how awesome you rocked it out, helping raise awareness and funds for Autism Awareness.

The event was over and it was time to face the storms outside and well it looked like God was happy too and turned off the rain so we could drive home safely.

I had such a GREAT time as the crazy, zany, comedic MC for this wonderful event and I look forward to the next one. My website is http://ComedianDoc.com, where you can see the next things I’m up to. June 21st, I will be with my WTF Comedy Crew (http://WTFComedy.com) doing a show at the Loony Bin Comedy Club (http://LoonyBinComedy.com) in Little Rock, Arkansas. We will also have a show July 23rd at Front Street Grill in Dardanelle, Arkansas. Just so you know… the WTF Comedy shows are PG13 & UP, I’m just Say’n. We hope to see you there at one of the shows or feel free to friend us on Facebook (http://Facebook.com/WTFComedy) and see some of our comedy shorts. A couple of other upcoming dates – I’ll be starring in the film ‘Farewell’ and also appearing in the film ‘Iron Princess’. Two feature films, ‘Tuckerman’ and ‘Anyone’, that I was cast in will also be screening in central Arkansas. Some incredible and excited months are ahead.

Until next time, keep on laughing, be happy, and dream like a Rockstar! Doc’s Orders.

Michael "Doc" Davis (Actor, Comedian, Entertainer, Event Host / MC)

Website: http://ComedianDoc.com

Facebook: http://Facebook.com/MichaelDocDavis

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