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This show / session included Interview with Point 94.1, Maduro’s Owner, Topic of the Month (Dating Crazy People), Un-Doc-Umented News, and Ask the Group

What a CRAZY Doc’s Group Therapy session —  This was a blast from the start to end that included The Point 94.1 —, Morning Show’s Sharpe Dunaway, Mike Kennedy, and Drew Mitchell , Michael Peace of Maduro —,  DGT Member Grant Morris, and me / Michael Doc Davis your Host —  The board / sound was managed by none other than the bored-board man Luke Rowlan.  Jill Farris was in the house taking photos and supporting the show… AWESOME!  The show was recorded as we drank beer, smoked fine cigars, kicked back in nice leather chairs at Maduro Cigar Bar and Lounge located at 109 Main Street in Little Rock, Arkansas.  This was the funniest true session style by date, just look at who was in it.

With this panel and the amount of stories between us all, we knew there wouldn’t be time for music breaks.  We still went WAY over our hour but WHO CARES!  We found out a lot of stuff about Maduro and the behind the scenes of the Point 94.1 Morning Show which was hilarious.  The topic of the month was ‘Dating Crazy People’ and EVERYONE had some pretty funny stories to share including Doc of course.  Un-DOC-Umented News — was next and poor old Sharpe Dunaway got a little nauseated along with a couple of others as we went through the topics… mwaaaa haaaaa haaaaaa.  Finally ask doc and an open discussion about just plain stuff where Drew Mitchell became Dr. Drew.

This podcast had so much juicy stuff in it that we had to break it into two parts, so make sure to download both.

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