What a GREAT event!!! Turkeys DROPPED from a Helicopter!!! The Point 94.1's Sharpe Dunaway and Mike Kennedy that created and coordinated the event. I was the fly guy dropping turkeys. Thanks to Bale Honda as the location sponsor, Colonial Wines & Spirits as the Title Sponsor and The Meat Shop for supplying the soon to be dropped turkeys. This was a keep what you catch event.

That’s right Michael "Doc" Davis (3rd person reference, haha) had the honor of ejecting 94.1 turkeys from a helicopter at about 300 feet over the sales lot of Bale Honda in Little Rock, Arkansas. The pilot and I approached Bale Honda like in the scene from Apocalypse Now with that song in my head (The Ride Of The Valkyries) and there was a big crowd of targets, I mean Point 94.1 listeners, waving from the ground. Then we made our attack run (I mean fly over) and launched the attack!!! Fire ONE (Gobble Bomb AWAY!!!) I have to say, after seeing all the feathers floating all over from that first drop made me a little nervous about my accuracy. On top of that, the kids got a hold of the first drop and tore it apart and I mean APART, scattering feathers all of the asphalt or turkey target area, I mean landing zone. OH THE HUMANITY!!! I got over it quickly as I started looking for more targets and one after another; DROP DROP DROP, pass after pass, until we were out of ammunition… or WERE WE!!! After faking a retreat, we turned back from the horizon and launched another volley of gobblers. The crowd of Point 94.1 listeners appeared to have had a blast. I know I did! How much more fun can a comedian have than this? Pictures and video will be out soon. Fun Times!!! The Point 94.1 (http://www.kkpt.com) ROCKS, where Classic Rock Lives but Not Turkeys!
Thanks again to Sharpe Dunaway and Mike Kennedy from the Point 94.1, Bale Honda, Colonial Wines & Spirits and a HUGE thanks to Charity from The Meat Shop for supplying the ammunition (I Mean Turkeys). People have told me to tell you all thank you for great fun and a free turkey. 
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