How often does a community get to see and support their local comedians and for FREE!!!  Not often enough is what I say.  State of Comedy ( proudly presents Underground Comedy, a free night of local comedy.  The comedians for the night were Matt Singer, Reagan Dalby, Ben Malone, Michael Mumphrey, Reuben the Meatman, Kendel Renee, Keef, Michael Brown, Randy DeWitt, and myself (Michael “Doc” Davis aka Doc the Comedian).  All of these comedians and links to contact them can be found on State of Comedy.

The Point 94.1’s Mike Kennedy and Sharpe Dunaway ( were in the house supporting live, local comedy.  The Point 94.1 not only ROCK’s to music but ROLL’s to the laughs of comedy!!!  They are TRUE supporters of local comedy!  You can hear them every afternoon between 3-6PM and I also do Un-DOC-Umented News ( with them every Friday between 5-6PM.  Oh yeah… by the way Sharpe, shhhhhh…  Bwaaa haaaa haaaaa.  Other comedians like Grant Morris, Luke Rowlan, and John David were present to support the show.

There was a huge variety in material / performances and it wasn’t any kind of kiddo show for sure.  New material and more seasoned but tweaked material was a flying.  Laughs, claps, ‘wow he said that’, and more could be heard throughout the night from the audience.  I enjoyed bringing up all of the comedians as the host and then performing some new and old material toward the end to help close the night out before I brought on Michael Brown.

It was a GREAT night all around and I had a BLAST!  Happy birthday goes out to Pam.  I want to thank everyone that came to the show to tell Monday to suck it and get some laughs and also to Bekkah for supporting what I do.  See you at the next show.

Sticky Fingerz is located in Downtown Little Rock, Arkansas
107 S Commerce St / Little Rock, AR / 72201 / (501) 372-7707


Michael “Doc” Davis (Comedian, Actor, Entertainer)
State of Comedy:

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