04/29/2012 – American Cancer Society Relay for Life – Clinton Library, Little Rock Arkansas

Cancer affects us all including me.  I’ve lost friends and family to this dreadful disease and at the very least I could to would be to volunteer my time.  I did this event in memory of my grandmother, Marion G. Smith.  The event for was on 04/27/2012 starting at 6PM to 04/28/2012 6AM at the […]

04/20/2010 – Performed / Hosted Underground Comedy @ Sticky Fingerz | Little Rock, Arkansas

How often does a community get to see and support their local comedians and for FREE!!!  Not often enough is what I say.  State of Comedy (http://www.stateofcomedy.com/) proudly presents Underground Comedy, a free night of local comedy.  The comedians for the night were Matt Singer, Reagan Dalby, Ben Malone, Michael Mumphrey, Reuben the Meatman, Kendel […]

12/12/09 – Angry Patrick’s 40th Birthday Roast @ Juanita’s in Little Rock, Arkansas

That’s right Patrick Beam aka Angry Patrick turned 40 again and is much closer to retirement.  I (Doc the Comedian) had the honor to be the Roast Master…  Seeing Patrick’s face when he looked out across the crowd of all the people there to wish him a happy birthday was priceless.  Patrick had a VERY […]