I had an absolute blast at West End (http://www.westendsmokehouse.net) for the 2010 New Year Celebration. Bekkah and I started out eating some of that ALWAYS great food when we got there.   Some of my other buddies were upstairs at Seki Sui eating Sushi and stuff. Apparently Danny, the lead singer of The Meanies, tried Sushi but he seemed to have been thinking more along the lines of, ‘Why am I putting fishing bait in my mouth?’. LMAO!


All of a sudden people filled West End quickly and it was standing room only. Seeing my friends everywhere and chatting, hugging and stuff was a perfect way to celebrate the new coming year.  The table I was sitting at, a covered pool table, was full of my friends and acquaintances which made everything so much better.   On a different note, it was a little awkward seeing Chris and Grant doing what they called a ‘Gay Off’. I didn’t ask, just check out the pictures – http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=187093&id=52185300733.
 I wasn’t able to get over to Crown Plaza to say sup to Jeff Allen while he hosted the big Point 94.1(http://thepoint941.com) New Year’s Eve party, but I did hear that the party was kick’n! I wouldn’t expect anything less from the ‘Eye Master’. 
It was finally that time… The projector started and poof a little pre-show intro made by that crazy and funny Sharpe Dunaway with voice over work from his son Quint Dunaway… it was hilarious. The Meanies (http://www.meanpeoplerule.com) took the stage, threw out cool shirts and ROCKED the night into submission. The Meanies then counted down to 2010 while West End provided complimentary champagne, hats, beads and horns (that the inebriated people LOVED). 3, 2, 1… The horns started blowing, stuff being thrown everywhere, handshakes, hugs and kisses. Yep that’s right I got my New Year’s kiss from the most awesome Bekkah.
Happy New Year EVERYONE!!! I’m ready to entertain and just have fun this year… see you all soon. I’ll be hosting Love Fest 2010 at the Clear Channel Metroplex February 6th and performing at the Loony Bin February 17th to the 20th. Come on out and have some laughs. You can check my website calendar for more details along with other events at http://www.comediandoc.com. The Tuckerman film will be released midyear this year and I’ll let ya’ know more details as soon as the dates get locked down.
Michael "Doc" Davis (Comedian, Entertainer, Event Host / MC)

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