That’s right Patrick Beam aka Angry Patrick turned 40 again and is much closer to retirement.  I (Doc the Comedian) had the honor to be the Roast Master…  Seeing Patrick’s face when he looked out across the crowd of all the people there to wish him a happy birthday was priceless.  Patrick had a VERY hard time maintaining the Angry face.  I had a blast helping Patrick’s wife Debbie coordinate this thing and she kicked some butt.  The setup was perfect with all of the comedians on the stage with slide shows and audio.  Here is a link to the photos and some of the slides –  The roasters included Corey & Jay, Blake Woodson, Matt Baker, Stacie Mack, Josie D, Chucky D, JoePepsi, John David, Reuben the Meatman, Michael Brown, Eric Counts, Jason Thompson and me (Michael “Doc” Davis).
Corey and Jay from the Edge 100.3 sent in an audio file and got poor Patrick a bit misty… but I heard he’s not the one that wears the pants in the family anyway… what a girl.  Blake ‘Eeyore-Eddie-Panfish-Pug’ Woodson wasn’t at the show because he was broadcasting on his CB Radio, but I read the letter he sent to Patrick… I had to wake Patrick up like 3 times.  Stacie was supposed to be there too, but was late as usual. However, she made her presence known later in the night and gave it hell on stage.  Matthew Baker had a cool video / slide that brought to light some things about Patrick that were absolutely hilarious… he did an excellent job.
The roasters came up one at a time throwing one zinger after another.   Most of the panel included all-stars, finalist and even the winner of Arkansas’ Funniest Person.  Patrick got smaller and smaller as the panel pummeled him with punch-line punches.  Josie scared us all with discussions of some of her 70 year old body parts.  Although there were a couple of comedians that either couldn't make it or bailed due to fear of the roast, hehehe – jk, The panel was full of serious talent and turned out to be a better panel than first planned. It was great to have a show just having good fun, making jokes, pokes and jabs. Nobody's feelings got hurt as far as I know, haha. Drama free shows are always GREAT! Michael Brown kicked some serious butt and in fact made it VERY hard on the rest of us.  He rocked the podium and gave Patrick a SERIOUS what for… hehehe.  Chucky D , Eric, and Jason took turns reminding Patrick why he should be more of a host, or maybe a lil’ feature act or something.  Reuben, John David, and JoePepsi got their jabs in to make it a very well rounded slam.  I got my pokes in too, making some fun of the fact that we all had to pay to be at a Birthday party and stuff.
The next part of the show was open mic for anyone who wanted to say a little something about ‘lil Patrick.  Mike Woodall came up and gave Patrick an Idiots Guide to Comedy, bwaaaa haaaa.   Then Patrick’s brother Brandon Beam went on stage representing the family and OMG!!!  Family secrets are so funny.  Poor ‘lil’ Patrick, and what I mean is Patrick is ‘Little’ when it comes to endowment according to his family (poor Debbie).  Patrick’s face turned red more times than I had ever seen it before, including when he has “tried” to perform on stage.  Lastly Julius, a listener, came up and shared some love and funny too.
The show came to a close with Patrick having the FINAL word, and we all found out very quickly why they call him Angry, and that he deserves the title.  I left the event with a lot less butt… hehehe.  Patrick brought it hard (well we would not have known) just like always.  Kick-butt job Patrick.

A final toast to the birthday boy who no longer likes Patron… thanks to a “visual yell” behind Juanita’s on a different night… hehehe.
The night ended with Stereo Down taking the stage and ROCK ROCK ROCKING it…  What a perfect ending.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY PATRICK!!!  May your years to come be successful and exciting!!!  Much love my brother.
Thanks to all of those that came out and showed their support and love for this old bastard.
Your buddy,

Michael "Doc" Davis (Comedian, Entertainer, Event Host / MC)

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