WHAT!!!  That's right a FREE night of comedy with 10 local comedians.  FREE FREE FREE!!!  I couldn't sleep because it was such a fun night and wrote this blog.  10 of some of Arkansas' fun and funniest comedians performed for the love of comedy to kick Monday's butt at Sticky Fingerz (http://www.stickyfingerz.com).  Yours truly, Doc the Comedian, was the host of this event and one of the comedians.  It was a great way to bust out of those Monday blues and that we did!  The Comedians included Larry D, Ben Malone, Reagan, Reuben the Meatman, Mike Brown, Kendel Renee, Julio, Michael "Doc" Davis aka Doc the Comedian and Chucky D.  The comedians ranged from newer comedians to veterans.  There were Arkansas' Funniest All-Stars, The winner of AFP, Finalist from the recent Loony Bin Comedy Contest and more…  We all tried out new stuff for fun and more seasoned material as well.  We had a blast and there were laughs all night.

It was a great pleasure to introduce all of these comedians along with stage departure comments in my own special way.  I had equal fun doing my performance.  I shared my experiences of driving around doing shows with my observations and even some crazy crap from a Jiffy Lube Jerry Springer event.  Just remember that technology isn’t all that it's cut up to be, haha.  I do love Arkansas and all of the people in it.

It was incredible to get so much support for Local Comedy from both local folks and folks from out of state.  If it wasn't for them, these shows would not be possible at all.  It was pretty freakn' awesome to see The Loony Bin Comedy Club (http://www.loonybincomedy.com/) staff there supporting and showing the love… they are wonderful people.  We even had other local comedians come and show support too like Grant, Tony, Ray-De-Oh and Lavantor.  KJ King was also in the house showing support.  It was a packed house.

A big thanks to Kendel for coordinating the event for us to get our comedy thing on.  Thanks to Chris King for providing the Venue / stage for the show.  The wait staff kicked some serious butt and didn't act like it was Monday at all.  A big thanks to Bekkah, Sharpe, Perry, Blue, Grant, Mandy, Jeff, Tony, Shaun, Derick, Christy, Steve, Carla for coming out to the show and others that I am sure I missed and I'm sorry if I did… Still love ya and stuff.

With this sort of turn out, I'm sure there will be another show.  I’ll see you at the next one.

Merry Christmas and have a blessed New Years.  Be good you all and keep on laughing…


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