That’s that… the 3rd Year of Arkansas’ Funniest Person is now in the books.  Even though I was tending to other events throughout the month of March, I monitored the progress of Arkansas Comedians competing in the 2011 Arkansas Funniest Person (  As an original founder of this competition, I’m proud and touched by how family, friends, and businesses support this state’s comedians.  The year started out with 25 contestants in 2 preliminary rounds from all over the state of Arkansas.  10 Semifinalists brought their best to be able to advance to the final round of 5.  The competition was fierce and it all came down this grand finale.  All 4 rounds were held at the Electric Cowboy in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The very diverse list of hosts and judges included Eric Counts, Matt Cruz, Adam Dodd, Brian Kerns, Kelly Boom, Corey and Jay, Angry Patrick, Melissa Tucker, Kasey Baynes, Jennifer Christman, Kelly Boom, Jeff Cage, and Shea Stewart.  (Hope I didn’t miss anyone).  Special performances over the 4 weeks of competition included Eric Counts, Adam Dodd, Angry Patrick and Brian Kerns.

Most of the Comedians that competed in Arkansas’ Funniest Person can be found on State of Comedy at, so make sure to visit the site and check them out.

At the final night of competition on March 26th 2011, there were several VERY impressive sets that had me laughing hard enough to avoid trying to take a drink at the same time.  The comedians that competed in the final round included Charles Michael, Andrew Estess, Chucky D, Dave Debeaux, and Laura Ratliff.  There were people snorting, laughing, clapping and a few moments of quiet from shock with some of the comedians choices of topics.  The competition completed and 5 contestants waiting for the results and the winner was… Laura Ratliff.  Charles Michael Guidry brought some serious heat to the stage and impressed EVERYONE with twists, turns, current events and more earning him 2nd place.  Andrew Estess at 4 months blew me away… VERY tight set and kept a high energy with incredibly relatable material. WTF Comedy’s ( Chucky D did his thing with his pro. set that made tears of laughter fall from more than one face.  Dave Debeaux cranked out his set, showing that he can truly write bringing him a 3rd place win.  What a night!!!

Arkansas has some serious talent and each year the list will become longer and longer.  From what I hear… there are a pile of new contests coming up in the great state of Arkansas that will highlight even more talent…

See ya at the next event my friends,

Michael “Doc” Davis (Actor, Comedian, Entertainer, Event Host / MC)

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