This was my article that was published in the February Edition of Arkansas Rockstar Magazine among many other stories each month.  You can pick up an magazine at West End, Fox and Hound, and other locations.

It takes a lot of courage to perform in front of live crowds or cameras. This is why it’s critical for the people of Arkansas and all over, to support the entertainment industry and those who perform in it. Only with the support of friends, family, fans, and sponsors, is it possible for entertainers to do what they do. If you have never seen live comedy, live music, live theatre, or watched an independent / locally made film, then you are missing out. This is something you should put on your bucket list. Okay, why not put it on your list of stuff to do throughout the year? Start this weekend for that matter! I may just see you out and about while I’m in the crowd or performing on stage at a show. You may end up in my next story (respectfully of course) wink wink.

All people have dreams, and only through our dreams can we strive for our greater selves. Through a dream and fighting for it, equal rights were achieved. From a dream, a man walked on the moon. From a dream, many sheets have had to be changed. Dreams can change us and our surroundings, or even increase our laundry load! Seriously though, don’t be afraid to go after your dreams and support those going after theirs. Look for open mic nights where you will find musicians and comedians just starting out, working to better themselves, gain exposure, etc. There are also acting and improvisational groups, both professional and just starting out, that can be found at public theater s all across the state. When you see a sign, invite, or someone asking you to go to an open mic night or a show, don’t be shy… have fun and give your support at the same time. You can find more on these shows and open mics on Facebook, online calendars, local newspapers, entertainment magazines, etc.

You can find comedians, actors, musicians, and more through websites like:,, and others through search engines. A lot of entertainers also are found on Facebook by keyword searches. Show your support by being a friend, liking their fan pages, and most of all: let them see you in the crowd at live shows, film premiers, etc. Feel free to visit my website at You can friend me, contact me, check out where I’ll be next, and more.

Be happy, go after your dreams, and you can be a Rock Star too. You can send Arkansas Rockstar Magazine one of your dreams at We would love to hear from you!

See ya next time,

Michael "Doc" Davis

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