I had the honor of attending the 28th Anniversary of Nightflying Magazine at Juanita’s in Little Rock Arkansas on December 29th.  I hung out with Peter Reed himself (Nightflying Magazine) along with Sharpe Dunaway (The Point 94.1 FM), Tom Wood (Tom FM 106.7 FM / Paw Paw), Jeff Allen (The Point 94.1 FM), Clyde Clifford (The Point 94.1 FM) and Maxx Anderson from Arkansas Vibe.  I enjoyed talking to everyone and getting my Captain Morgan on… hehehe.  The video crew was coolio as well and pictures of all kinds of stuff will be out soon.  Just so you all know, Jeff Allen has a very big lens… hehehe.  The bands rocked out and I was truly impressed.  If you didn’t make this event, then you simply missed out.  There were t-shirts and myself that were for sale.  28 YEARS!!! HOLY CRAP!!!  That’s almost as old as I am.  Drop a line to wish them well and congratulate them… they have supported the music and entertainment scene for so long, so let’s all stand behind them.  Peter, it was great chatting with you and I agree that Music and Comedy definitely have a place together and support each other very well.   

Here is the flyer from the night – http://www.comediandoc.com/images/nfanniversaryad1.jpg  

Make sure to check out Nightflying’s site at – http://www.nightflying.com or their MySpace – myspace.com/nightflyingpublications. 

See you all at the New Year’s Eve Party (Juanita’s in Little Rock, Arkansas) 

Doc – Michael “Doc” Davis

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