I had a blast performing for The Comedy Zone at the Electric Cowboy in Fort Smith Arkansas.  I got to meet several people like Gary, Miranda, Mariann and many others.  I was asked when I will be coming back and I am hoping it will be soon.  Joel Pace from Heffron Talent International booked me as the feature and I got to work with a headliner named Amaru Lewis and Chucky D went with me and hosted.  It felt strange having an incredibly talented headliner doing hosting work.  Chucky D is an awesome friend supporting me like that.

I had great times with great people in Fort Smith… I did want to apologize to the woman that I got her boy friend saying ‘Get it where you can’ repeatedly… hehehe.  For those that are from Fort Smith that are looking to get a ‘Is it a bad thing’ T-Shirt, I’ll have those out soon and will let you know when they are available.  See you all at the next shows, New Years Eve at Juanita’s and January 3rd at the Rev Room, both in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Thank you all for your support and laughter,


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