Chucky D’s 40th Birthday Roast was awesome.  Everyone tore into each other, some more than most.  It kind of seemed like there was a couple of comedians that were a bit frustrated and have wanted to give to some of the others for a while. ha ha.  Sharpe Dunaway hosted the event and kicked in and roasted all of us too.  I was waiting for a Jerry Springer event to break out but everyone just smile and looked like, “I know where you live”,  ha ha.  The comedians included: Michael “Doc” Davis (Doc the Comedian, JoePepsi, Mike Brown, Richard Smith, Super Star Jones, Lavantor Butler, Amy Pennell, Ray-De-Oh, Meatman, Philly and Chucky D ended.

It was a great time with great friends, you can all suck it.  Chucky D Happy Birthday my friend, you freakn’ geezer.  May there be MANY, MANY more and I’ll be there to remind you of every single year that slips away from you.

Here is what I wrote about Chucky D for the roast. (By the way I guess I am getting older too.  I made the font too small and couldn’t read the freakn’ thing)

Chucky is getting so old that he doesn’t even know when he farts and when he does he farts dust.

Chucky, fine wines get better with age… I’m not so sure what the hell is happening to you.  Cheeses even get better with age, at least you got the old smell down pat.

I would say you’re over the hill but I think you’re too old to climb up the hill in the first place.

I noticed that younger woman seemed to be attracted to you, I also noticed they the same ones seem to have fetishes for wrinkly things.

If I didn’t know this was your 40th birthday and I seen you with a girl half your age… I would have thought she would be at least 24 or 25…. hehehe, that’s a math problem.  Sorry I just realized at times it too hard to think when you are as old as you are.

Chucky D is one of the only guys I know that can sport a gangster hair style and a polo shirt and the only one that almost didn’t make it to a comedy workshop because he was “Getting his hair done”.  Is there something you need to tell us?

I know I’m probably not the only person that is bringing this up tonight… but seeing you in leopard print ladies lingerie should make it easy for anyone that thought of coming out of the closet to stay in and HIDE.

Seeing you in the leopard print I don’t think what I saw could be considered camel toe… more like a moose knuckle.  Just so you know, when you asked if it makes you look fat… ummm it’s not the cloths.  I think I actually heard the cloths shriek in pain!!!

Wearing that I could swear your belly actually has grown a warning label, that says “Place nothing on surface… guaranteed to role off”

Chucky, working out does not include how many times you can lift drinks and a fork at a Mexican restaurant.

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