What an AWESOME show.  It was on the same night as a Metallica concert, MMA fights across from the venue, football games, etc… and the house was still packed / standing room only.  The waitress Anna rocked and no one was left wanting.  If you get down to Maxine’s, I hope you get to meet her.  She has to be one of the friendliest and nicest waitresses I have met in a while.  The crowd was incredible and was full of energy.  Meatman, Chucky D, Patrick the Angry Viewer along with Me (Michael “Doc” Davis) were the comedians of the night.  I enjoyed signing the program guides, shirts, body parts, etc…  except that one guy.  I think I threw up a little… ha ha

Some of the Arkansas Twisters dance team (The Sirens) were at the show.  Very beautiful, full of energy and they mingled with the crowd.  What an awesome addition to the show.  They added that extra touch which made our show even more kick butt or would have any other show too.  Two of the dancers (Sarah Beth and Debra) helped me give out free tickets to games for next year to 2 lucky winners.  Sarah and Debra were great sports putting up with me.  The dancers were there to kick off their 2009 season starting March 28th 2009.  It’s the 10th Anniversary of the Arkansas Twisters (http://www.arkansastwisters.com) and I look forward to seeing them in action next year. 

Next time you are in Hot Springs Arkansas, stop by Maxine’s (http://www.myspace.com/maxineslive).  All of the staff were very friendly and so were all of the customers. 

We will be starting up next years shows in January.  I’ll post all calendars soon.

Thank you everyone for all of your support,



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