Well I have performed at several different towns / cities with VERY diverse environments, but this was the first time at a Deer Camp. It took me several minutes to get to the location after passing a sign that said you have now passed B.F.E. that had a picture of 2 guys playing banjo’s and a picture of a pig. I DIDN’T STOP. I get to the camp and I have to say WAY bigger than I expected. There were TRUCKS, TRUCKS and more TRUCKS, along with a sea of orange. First thing that struck me was, WHY CAN I GET 5 BARS ON MY CELL PHONE AT THIS CAMP AND NOT AT MY HOUSE!!!

I was amped and ready to get my funny on when I hear from a deep voice, “hey guy, where is your lipstick, because it’s ladies night”. My butt puckered at this point… that’s right the sound of a vacuum clamping shut was my butt. Well I didn’t have anything to worry about, since they told me it was a tradition, RIGHT!!! I was still nervous but ready to get my funny on, as in COMEDY!!! Some lady (Camp Boss) comes up and puts lipstick on me and I was good to go, where I don’t know.

They fed me some of the best deer meat, tators & gravy, etc that I have eaten since I was at country Comedian Tommy Kelley’s house.

The folks there ranged from 7ish to over 60ish. I did my show, people were laughing hard, some even spitting out beer (Alcohol Abuse) and everyone had a blast. Even one guy thought I was talking about his life, poor guy. Although I don’t hunt, these folks took me in as one of there own. GREAT folks and I will like go there again to just to hang out with them.

Here is a final note, they can karaoke with the best of them, but I think the hunting dogs may have had a difference of opinion than me. Oh well, I love these folks and look forward to seeing them again.

I’ll post a couple of photos soon.


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