A night that will live in infamy. There were so many folks that showed up… who knew that Blake knew so many folks. I think most of them thought there was free alcohol, which is why I was there. Ha ha, just kidding. Parrot Beach was kind enough to allow us the use of their venue and they served up the alchohol and food very well and it was GREAT!!! It was Blake’s 40th Birthday and here was the agenda…

  • 7PM – 8:15PM – General Happy Birthday stuff and Party, meet and greets, etc…
  • 8:15PM – First Announcement of Event and Start Time in 15 Minutes
  • 8:30PM – Show start Intro of Fryers and the Roastee, The Band, the rules, etc…
  • 8:45PM – Doc will open the show and begin the Roasting, including song(s) from Tommy Kelley
  • Fryers Begin Roasting

    • Wade from Jesters
    • Amy Pannell
    • Reuben the Meatman
    • Sharpe Dunaway
    • Perry Morriss
    • Angry Patrick
  • Open Mic Roasting Announcement
  • Blake with the Last Word
  • 2nd Announcement of Eden Crow to Play
  • Intro of Eden Crow
I did my thing getting the roasting oven heated up. Wade brought a HUGE banner  of Blake showing off his Hooter’s outfit that looked like a Cambles soup reject picture of a Pug on drugs. It was quite interesting watching the ill fated Blake being cooked as Wade, Amy, Sharpe, Perry and Patrick continued a relentless charbroil of poor Blake. Open Mic began and the butt burning continued as Jeff had Blake FEAR what was about to be said as Blake ran for  the door.   Mike Woodall got a piece of the action as well. Then Blake got the last word proving that he gets better the drunker he gets at about 5 shots at this point.   Blake fought back very well and furiously… who would have thought this old dude had that in him… Blake closed the night with well over 10 shots of anti-stability alchohol. Happy Birthday Blake, that was an interesting shade of green!!!
Eden Crow came up to the stage to close out the night with some SERIOUS jam!!! Hell to the yeah. Every one rocked with the heart pumping high energy bad ass rock!!! What a birthday!!!
I enjoyed hosting and roasting the show and being there for my buddy Blake!!!
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