Even with snow falling outside, the Anger Mis-Management Comedy Tour troupe arrived on scene along with a packed house of people ready to get their laugh on. 

Vino’s had some awesome pizza and killer in house brewed beers.  Rated one of the best places to get brewed beer and food.  Vino’s was set up perfectly and the staff serioiusly had their stuff together.  The entire troupe was very impressed with the layout.  Thank God Lee figured out the MP3 player… damn thing is too small.  hahaha

I opened the show up and let it be known that somethings in life ‘Are a bad thing!!!’ and ‘There’s no Button for That’.  I pumped another 5 hour energy drink into a 30 minute set while all the while it felt like I couldn’t talk fast enough for my thoughts.  Tommy Kelley came up and did his thing but this time with a twist.  Rachel McBride with CloverBlue joined him on stage and helped sing a few comedy songs.  You will have to hear about the tickler.  Angry Patrick came up and melted the outside snow and heated up the room with his rants about most things people, including myself, just wish they could make fun.  I guess that makes Patrick our stress relief.

A big thanks goes out to our supporters like Crystal, Amiee, Rachel and her friend, Barbara, Justin, Chris, JJ, Jeremy, the whooped dude in the back, the girl that reached in my front pocket for a while, Patricks Family, Blake, Wade, Tommy’s family and friends and everyone else for the love and support.  Sorry if I missed your name… as a reminder I SUCK WITH NAMES!!  Thanks to Vinos for a killer venue and worry free setup.  A big thanks to Rick Morgan with your Personal Paparazzi for doing all the video work.

See you at the next show.

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