What a show what a show!!!  Angel’s Place was an incredible location to get our comedy on!!!  This party zone was setup perfectly and felt like it had always been a comedy club.  Bean and the crew outdid themselves preparing for the Angry Brigade.  The food was absolutely awesome!!!  I chugged my 5 hour energy drink and was ready to unleash it in a flurry of 30 minutes of funny.  All I can say is GET IT WHERE YA CAN!!!!  Before it was said and done with my set in comes Tommy Kelley.  He interrupted, as I outed him and the crew as being night life light weights.  He reminded me of an ‘incident’ after a show with a song he wrote about our favorite eats spot, the Waffle House.  Thanks Tommy!!!  Great guitar work brother. 

Chucky D came up and proved why I look up to him as senior comedian.  His antics and good times about his up bringing along with butt kicking’s from the family continues to bring me to tears every time I hear his set.  By the way, if he asks for a high five… be worried and covered!!!

With a loud voice, we hear, ARE YOU FREAKN’ KIDDING ME!!!!  Angry Patrick came up with his angry self and shown everyone exactly why he is called angry.  The crowd seriously got into the grrrr with him.  Some more than others and someone will probably be asking if their mom really has hair on her back.  Patrick is a crazy, angry, funny guy that you have to see and hear.  He brought it hard core and with some serious funny and brought new twists to everything… which means never one show is the same as another.

A big thanks goes to all of our fans / new friends (Rachel, Crystal, Glenda and Sis, Phil L., Johnny, Brandon, Carla, Melissa, Antonio, Ben, Pat, Amy, Kelly, Blake, Mike B. and anyone my sucky memory can’t remember) also a huge thanks Angel’s Place (Bean, Moses, Vegas, sound dude, door dude and wait staff that fed me and quenched my thirst)… REMIND ME OF NAMES SOMEONE!!!  Ha ha ha.  Thanks for all of the emails, comments, the phone numbers, back of comment card ‘Special’ comments… and everything… you all ROCK and make this all worth it.

If you didn’t already know or haven’t seen, Crystal took some awesome photos that you can look at from any of my site.  She is way cool and about to turn the big bad 40… ha ha ha.  Thanks for everything sweetheart.

We will be coming back and the party is on again!!!  I’ll be up there before hand just to party with you all.  GREAT FUN!!!

Thanks everyone,
Michael "Doc" Davis
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