What a kick butt and fun night… I had the privilege to perform for Phi Lambda Chi of UCA – http://www.philambdachi.com –  at Plan B in Conway, Arkansas with my friends and fellow performers, Reuben the Meatman and Patrick the Angry, Angry Viewer. 

Plan B and The Phi Lamb’s were awesome during this rush night!!!  Great people, great food and great sports.  Especially Caleb (Nose) and the hamster / gerbil dude…. Hahahaha.  Not going into details, you should have been there.  I do have to say that it was awesome getting that many people laughing and clapping so much that were sober IT WAS A BLAST!!! hahahaha

I hope all of the perspectives with good GPA’s that want to maintain them will ask to join up with these guys… seems like the Phi Lamb guys really look out for each other.

Plan B was well laid out and the owner Jimmy and his folks working it were some of the nicest and inventive folks I have met.  Jimmy is going after a dream and I salute him for it.  This has and will be a great place for parties and get togethers.  You can find Plan B on Face Book, just look up Jimmy Shiddartha or go and look at my friends list on Face Book.

Great Times, and here is a shout out to all of my new friends from Plan B and the Phi Lamb’s….. “Get it where ya’ can!!!”

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