Holy crap batman!!!  The house was packed and no more places to sit!!!  This was a great time and incredible support from all of you.  This is the 4th packed show in a row and one was even completely sold out.

I wanted to salute our soldiers again and especially Jacob and Brian that recently came back from Iraq and was up front at the show to support us… GREAT Guys but they can’t sing worth a crap!!!

Everyone at the show were awesome!!!  Patrick the Angry, Angry Viewer, Chucky D and I brought it HARD to the stage and the laughs were flowing faster than anything else.  I even got tickled at the lady that said she had one in her purse… you know who you are.  It is always an honor to perform for the awesome people of Arkansas.  Arkansans truly exude southern hospitality and sharing.  Thanks for all of the drinks and a husband offered up his wife.  WOW!!!  I also gave a hand to several the ladies there (One was a walk up and into)… mwaaaa haaaa haaaa.  Just doing my doc thang!!!   GET IT WHERE YA CAN!!!  Also, for those that know, I told ya’ that the ‘O’ in Doc looks cool when circling the ______.  Hahahe. 

Happy Birthday again Morgan on your 21st birthday!!!

A big thanks goes out to the staff at the Conway Supper Club.  Joe you kicked butt on the setup…  I wanted to thank Rick Morgan and Justin Story for helping with video and photos… Patrick and Chucky D for being AWESOME tour buds.  Special thanks goes out to Crystal, Jessycat, Robert, Candy, Dani, Glenda, Brian, Alana, Jacob, Michelle, Samantha, Morgan, Lee, Carolyn, Susan, Misty, Lori, Melissa, Kelly, Jim, Sam, Stacey and anyone I may have missed… I suck with names!!! Haha

After the show Chucky D and I went to Plan B, downtown Conway to say ‘Sup and stuff’ to Jimmy the owner and hang out with the Phi LambDa Chi peeps.  Those guys and gals know how to party.  I figured out how they keep their GPA up… they party to kill the slow or retarded brain cells… haha.

After Plan B, I went to hang out with some friends to play Rock Band at 2AM.  By the way Jacob and Brian really can’t sing and now I understand way they went into the military.  I apparently can’t sing either, or read and I’m not coordinated, haha.  By the way Brian… GOOD GOSH on the Morgan and Coke!!!  I might need actual coke with it next time… haha.  Glenda and Alana were great sports as I relaxed through the night and picked on em.  Sorry I can’t remember any other names… haha… too much Captain Morgan in me… haha

To be honest I was also blowing off steam during this night.  Comedy is therapy for me.  My mother was admitted into the hospital the night before the show.  She wanted me to do the show no matter what, so I dedicate this show to her in my own quiet way.  Visiting hours were over before the show was over and I didn’t get a chance to visit her so I did the after show stuff to get my mind off of it for a little while.  Truly everyone this night made me feel that I was part of their families and friends.  I needed that… Love ya’ all.

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