What a night of incredible fun… There were so many folks at this place and some had to stand.  Jester’s Entertainment set up an incredible show, Wade took care of business.  I got to meet so many different people and very good looking woman.  Blake Woodson called me out to the stage out of the blue to go head to head with a laugh off and to do some stand-up against Reuben the Meatman.  Well I did my thing and had a little TOO MUCH fun with it and Blake along with the audience announced me as the winner, mwaaaa haaaa haaaa.  Meatman and I drank together afterwards, no hard feelings.  It was so awesome to have so many people to come up to me say “AWESOME JOB, that was hilarious as hell”, “dude that was the funnies stuff I’ve heard”,  “When can I see you at the Loony Bin”, ummmm.  Sharpe Dunaway and Blake Woodson were even saying WOW!!! I’m still living on a bit of adrenaline from the experience.

I also got to see many of my friends there too along with my buddies that are GREAT bands; Eden Crow and McCuin, which by the way ROCKED it out as always.  I hung out with Sharpe, Jeff, that owner dude of OutonTheRock.com, Blake and the AWESOME Jesters girls (Alison and Cat), which I believe now likes Captain and Coke or at least one with diet coke… ha ha ha.  They are great girls.

After that was all done, it was time to get auctioned off.  There was Sharpe, a Jeff / Mike mixer, Blake, that owner dude of OutonTheRock.com, Reuben the Meatman and myself.  Just so ya’ know, I sold for the most and the winner gave me as a gift to Stacie Mack.  Found out that Stacie likes belts A LOT!!!  My safe word is now Disney!!!

The girls showing off lingerie came up to do their thing on stage and a couple of them would have made it so easy to do breast exams or even full body exams for that matter, Ha ha ha.  Just so you know the girly auction made WAY more money than the guys but I had 2 different people that wanted to bid higher on me but Blake took the mic from me.  The girls still would have made the most.  I think Blake was scared I would make more money than he did and he was right.. ha ha ha…  The roast is coming bud!!! 

I do have to say that Blake did indeed kick butt as the host… VERY nice!!!

By the way, for all of those that thought they saw me, yes that was me at the ‘Table’ of and yes what I grabbed from the table did require batteries and it vibrated, ha ha ha.  That one dude liked the 1st one a little too much and I was a bit uncomfortable, ha ha ha.  Everyone were great sports for sure as I walked around and introduced them to the ‘stuff’.

By the way, the Security at Juniata’s was AWESOME!!!  For any of them reading this knows why I say this.  That had to be the safest club and parking lot in Little Rock.

So we all left for Embassy Suites to hang out with McCuin and party a little.  Even got to enjoy a little soap opera and fun.  Greg’s acoustic plying with singing was kicking butt.  I met a female police officer and her sister during all of this.  I’ll just say there was some frisking going on and that’s the first time I ever got to search a cop, SHE WAS HOT!!! And I still have NO idea where the weapon was and I tried VERY hard, ha ha ha…  all in fun.

I crashed in a room that I never asked how much it cost… and was woke up at 8AM by BANG BANG BANG,  “House Keeping”  grrrrrrrrrrr

The entire night was AWESOME; you should never miss a Jesters Entertainment event. 

Pictures to come………

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