What an incredible night!!!  It was a SOLD OUT show.  I hated that some folks were not able to get inside to see it.  The next show in the Dardanelle area will likely be a back to back show night to make sure we get to entertain and meet everyone.  The folks were so welcoming and I had great fun with all of them.  The show started out with me as the show host and first comedian.  It was hilarious to see and hear folks bust themselves on some of the more adult material I was slinging regarding a certain toy store.  There were several folks honoring us with celebrating their birthdays and anniversaries at our show.  That was very cool and THANK YOU!!!  After I did my part, I introduced comedian Tommy Kelley and as always he rocked the house and played some funny as all get out (I don’t know where that phrase came from) music that you all need to hear.  After Tommy did his thing Patrick the Angry, Angry viewer came and proved why they call him the Angry Viewer.  He has to be the funniest angry person I know in Arkansas.  He brought it strong and had me laughing so hard my jaws were hurting!!!  GREAT TIMES!!!  We hung out for a little longer after the show to meet people more personally and sign some photos, shirts and programs.  If you are reading this and you find any of these next statements funny, then I just wanted you to know, thanks for being good sports hahaha. 

Phrases to find funny:
    I’d do ya’
    Reading by Brail
    The glow of your head
    Why is your hand in my pocket
    Cloths are coming off and they AIN’T mine, so here’s a dollar
    I like the way you play that harmonica
    30’s are the new 20’s

 Good fun!!!

Thank you all for the incredible support!!!

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