Doc's Group Therapy November 2012 Show – was recorded at Fox and Hound in North Little Rock, Arkansas

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Doc’s Group Therapy Comedy Podcast at Fox and Hound (  in North Little Rock, Arkansas.  This was our biggest panel yet that included host Michael ‘Doc’ Davis, his awesome co-host Grant Morris, bored-board man Luke Rowlan, Sharpe 99.3FM’s Sharpe Dunaway (, Angela Dunaway, Matt the Cigar Guy, and Lori K (Mrs. Cigar Guy).  Our photographer was the one and only Nurse Jill Farris.  We talked about cigars and our experiences with them both good and bad that included an interesting story about Sweet Sweet Connie.  We discussed holiday time and stuff from the past and current and WOW were some people needing therapy!  We closed the show out with Un-DOC-Umented News ( with stories about Gay Elmo, Paid Sex Changes in California, Death Cat and much more.  EVERYTHING WAS HILARIOUS! 

Fox and Hound was packed and we met several new folks that listened in as we recorded.  Our server Kita was OUTSTANDING and she played along with us very well.  Fox and Hound was so courteous to us and made many adjustments just so that we could have a great podcast!  These people are an all around 5 Stars!

Before we wrapped up the show, the UFC fights began on the big screen and since we all have real bad ADD, we wrapped up the show.  Ironically Doc is now the ring announcer for XFI MMA (  We could have probably talked for another 2 hours.

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