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This was truly an exciting and unique experience for me (Michael Doc Davis)!  After arriving in Fort Smith the level of effort that goes into these events on the day of is INCREDIBLE!  The event coordinator and my handler Brenda Kuykendall was by far one of the best people I have worked with and she made my job a whole lot easier.  I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Barrow for making me part of the show for Xtreme Fighting Incorporated (XFI – Randy Green was a blast to hang out with and work with as well.

The event was held at the Kay Rodgers Park Expo Center in Fort Smith, Arkansas and it was an AWESOME place for the event.  The event theme was Xtreme Thriller.

It was time for the show!  I put on my tuxedo (provided by The Gamut), I grabbed the mic and took the cage.  The show started with a parade of champions led by the XFI ring girls and the crowd got loud in support of their gladiators that were about to do battle in the cage.  The incredible Lindsey Cox sung the National Anthem a capella perfectly!  Then the XFI Dancers from The Pole Studio took the stage and danced to the song Thriller and they can seriously dance!  WOW were they hot!   They danced throughout the event between fights and they made it ‘hard’ to focus on my job but I got through it.  On top of this, there were ring girls too and even the waitresses for the VIP tables were HOT HOT HOT, rawr Jennifer!   SOMEONE HELP ME!  Oh yeah back to the fights!  There were 13 fights and 3 of which were title fights.  They were all action packed and energized at a level beyond anything that could be experienced on TV.  I was ring side with King Pig and it was absolutely awesome!  Announcing each fighter and the winners from the cage was an honor and to see the respect they have for each other and the cage literally put me in awe.   This entire thing got my adrenaline going.  Heck, I even bought a new website address –   I have to admit, there were a couple of slip ups that still have me laughing when I think about them.  This event was an ALL inclusive show.  Fights, Dancers, Music, a Comedic Announcer, Challenges, and BOOM… even a fighter named Rocky asked his now Fiancé to marry him from the cage.

The fighters fought independently and representing different teams like Spike 22, Bashido, Elite, The Pit, Ronin, Team Distruction, Wolf Pack, Battleground MMA, and Championship MMA.  The fighters are listed below with the ones in parentheses as the winners:

Bout 1- (John Branham) vs. Joe Christian

Bout 2- (Robert Johnson) vs. Rodney Palmer

Bout 3- (Rick Swicegood) vs. Doug Byrd

Bout 4- JJ Garcia vs. (Michael Priest)

Bout 5- Jason Bryant vs. (Cole Bundy)

Bout 6- (Christian Snyder) vs. Son Heuang

Bout 7- (Jamie Buckley) vs. Colby Fletcher

Bout 8- Greg Sealy vs (Cassidy Gunnemann)

Bout 9- Eric Tucker vs. (John-Michael O'Mara)

Bout 10- Matt Howell vs. (Niko Cade)

Bout 11- Kameron Padilla vs. (Dan Kasper)

Bout 12- (William Stimel) vs. Sammy Rogers

Bout 13- Dustin Freeman vs. (Willard Walker)

The Sponsors were awesome with their support of the event… proving that XFI is is an incredible investment in talent and entertainment.  The sponsors included Western Sizzilin, Hooters, Walgreens, Pizza Hut on Grand Ave, The Pole Studio, Pleasures by Kasey, The Gamut, Spike 22, Dallas Connection, and Old Fort Harley Davidson.

It was also great seeing BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse) in the house not only representing their organization but also providing security.   Their website is  They are awesome people and I have seen them in action.  BACA is an incredible ally to children that need them. 

There were lots of other volunteers working their butts off all over the place for the love of the sport, which again was inspiring and I appreciate every one of them that helped me out and took care of me.

We even had the Arkansas Blood Institute (http://www. from Fort Smith there to take blood however there wasn’t much on the mat from the fights but those folks are pretty AWESOME.  If you are in Fort Smith and want to make a difference, then meet up with them and you could save a life.

I look forward to announcing for the February XFI MMA Xtreme Insanity Event!  For more details on XFI, just go to their website at   

Maybe they will sponsor Doc’s Group Therapy (… How cool would that be?!?  Hint Hint Wink Wink…

Thank you all for your incredible support and stuff and I promise to pronounce Spiro and Tahlequah correctly next time!!!

Michael Doc Davis

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