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The comedians for the event included Michael “Doc” Davis ( and Jason Thompson (

The folks at this Jacksonville Water Works ( corporate Christmas party were absolutely AWESOME, warm, and welcoming.   The show was at the Jacksonville Community Center (, which is a VERY nice location for comedy.  There was lots of food, great conversation, new friends, and more.  They seemed to be one big family and adopted Jason and I right into the group.

After some announcements and a prayer remembering the fallen in Connecticut, it was time for food and for us to take the stage.  I took the stage first opening it with some biblical humor, asking questions about what they put in the water to get women pregnant, why were the women talking about the GM having a cute butt.  I of course demonstrated the cute butt strut across the stage for the commission in the front row along with the rest of the audience.  Mwaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaa!  Jason then took the stage talking about the differences in red neck club performances and corporate events, stuff about families with his daughter kicking his ass, and lots of Arkansas based humor.  Jason is an AMAZING comedian.  Both comedy sets worked well together and got GREAT reviews after the show there and at the after party.  I think both of us would be perfect entertainment for nearly any event and we are available for booking. 

I look forward to working with Jason and seeing any of the folks from Jacksonville Water Works again.  A big thank you to all of the great people of Jacksonville Water Works.  Comedy is the best Medicine… well unless you are bleeding to death.

See you at the next big show my friends!

Michael "Doc" Davis (Actor, Comedian, Entertainer, Event Host / MC)

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