I had the honor to be a judge in a parade along side The Point 94.1’s Morning Show DJ Jennifer Trafford and the Afternoon Show DJ Sharpe Dunaway.   They were awesome to hang with and I had a blast. It was kind of funny that I had hosted a costume / Halloween party at a place called West End the night before. I got about 4 hours of sleep and the was judging a parade at a town called East End… so from East to West, I am EVERYWHERE!!! hehehe
All of the people in town of East End (South of Little Rock off the Woodson Lateral exit) were GREAT and made me feel like I belonged there as a member of their town. The donuts were a great touch. I am truly a donut fan in a BIG way…. Mwaaa haaaa haaaa. The parade was an incredible show that almost matched the huge heart that the town has. The kids danced, played music, cheered and threw stuff at us at the judging booth. If that is any indication of how good their football team is… WOW those kids have AWESOME throwing arms.
We got to see antique cars, custom cars, fire fighters, police and other officials, beautiful horses, pageant and contest winners, politicians and so much more including the kid that got whooped for talking back in front of the Dollar General store. Hehehehe, reminded me of my childhood.
The experienced can be summed up as GREAT FUN!!!! I look forward to visiting the town again… I love that place.
Thanks to everyone and your smiles… you make me who I am…
Michael “Doc” Davis

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