I have to say that The Point 94.1 folks are simply incredible. I have met Sharpe Dunaway (I knew him from Magic 105.1), Eric, Jennifer, Jeff and Mike Kennedy. Every one of them are some of the nicest and down to earth people. Does anyone know which one loves Honey? hehehehe
I got to be the Pirate (Captain Rock-De-Point) for the Point’s Pirate Radio. I played an IRS guy for the ‘Dunk an IRS Guy’ on tax day, which was freakn’ cold, but fun. I recently judged a parade at East End south of Little Rock with Sharpe and Jennifer. I was  on their morning show, did a little comedy and they let me bring up The Anger Mis-Management Comedy Tour that was that night.  Jennifer and Eric you rock!!! Sharpe and Mike let me bring it up later that night too and THEY ROCK!!! Sharpe even founded / coordinated the first two 5 Dollar Comedy shows to help along local comedians and then handed it over to me. The Point and its entire staff are awesome!!!
The music is awesome and the DJ / Personalities are awesome!!! What a great mix of AWESOMENESS!!! If you’re in Arkansas, dial em’ up at 94.1 FM and you might even hear me on there.

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