EXCITING NEWS!!!!! I released an exclusive interview that I had with Sharpe Dunaway. I hosted the show and got to ask Sharpe all kinds of questions that many of his listeners, friends and some family members have asked or others had speculated. 
The interview was at the time when Sharpe first hired on at KKPT The Point 94.1 after leaving Magic 105.1. 
I asked questions about what it was like growing up, family, the band (Blue Meanies), what is was like working at Magic 105.1 along with the people there and many more… 24 questions in all…. with a humorous Doc Style twist…. mwaaaa haaaaa haaaaa.
It's finally here and we be released 4 parts of the interview with 6ish questions in each in them. The bloopers will be released at the end with the 4th release…. A full DVD can be requested from my website for just a few bucks to cover shipping and stuff.
The video work and editing was done Rick Morgan from Y.P.P (http://www.YourPersonalPaparazzi.net) and some of the graphics by yours truly… Doc (The Heavy Metal Corporate Nerd).
This interview is the first release for DocTV (http://www.thedoctv.com).
The first release in on Sunday November 2nd on YouTube and MySpace so be looking for it,

DocTV – Interview with Sharpe Dunaway – Part 1 of 4
DocTV – Interview with Sharpe Dunaway – Part 2 of 4
DocTV – Interview with Sharpe Dunaway – Part 3 of 4
DocTV – Interview with Sharpe Dunaway – Part 4 of 4 + BLOOPERS!!!

Thanks everyone for your support,

Michael “Doc” Davis

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