It was an AWESOME experience to host / emcee the West End Smokehouse and Tavern Halloween costume contest and bringing up the Getty’s.  77 Contestants signed up and WOW there were some very interesting ones… wink wink.  For example, one guy was simply the Stunner… that’s all I'll say… hehehe. Anyone that knows the Doc salute, knows what it is… hahaha. You can find more about West End from their website –

The Getty's band was there getting their Jam on and they were FREAKN’ AWESOME as always. The band came on stage wearing Elvis costumes except for one. You guessed it; Matt did his thing by not doing what everyone expected… He was dressed as a Hooters Girl. All will say is that that was biggest camel toe I have ever seen, barf…  but he had a firm D cup. You can find out more about this INCREDIBLE band from their website – or their MySpace page –

A big thanks goes out to Andy and Chris and Andy from West End for the opportunity… they are great people and it’s a great venue.  I hope to be back on their stage in near future. This party was even bigger and better than last year and expected be even better year after year…  I gave out over $1000 in prizes to the costume contestants.  The $500 1st Place winner was Girly in a School girl outfit (All the judges were guys…  hehehe). I wish I had a paddle… spankings and all… mwaaaa haaaaa haaaaa

I was wearing a priest costume… as the Metal Priest (Hard Rock Doc) and my very good friend Denise was in a Nun getup as the Sister of Rock!!!  We brought the blessings of music to the masses. We tore up a bar tab and chips… hehehe… oh and those freakn’ crawfish tails were awesome… heck everything I have EVER eaten at West End has been AWESOME.

I got to see more of my friends there like Stacy Mack, Chree and I believe I saw Brenda their too… along with Chris D, Rick Morgan (Video Producer of the event with Y.P.P.) and his girly Chris and many others… I love you all.
It was great to see everyone there… the entire experience was a blast.
I hope to see you all at any the next shows I be at, or let me know where your at and I’ll try to be there.
Thank you all for your support and stuff,
Michael “Doc” Davis


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