So I went ghost hunting with two other comedians (Chucky D and JoePepsi) along with Mike and Dylan on 10/18 at Mayberry Springs Inn outside of Hot Springs, Arkansas.  Our intentions were to make fun of those that take ghost hunting serious.  We even tried to make it look like a professional type deal.  Don't get me wrong, we were cutting jokes about everything at first…  Well the jokes ended up being on us.  VERY unexplainable crap happened…   Here is a list of some of the stuff that happened that you will see and here on the video that will be coming out.


  • From the we heard start bi-ped foot steps in a creek and when we turned to look, nothing was visible.   We all had a little bit of a butt pucker going on at this point.
  • There were scratching sounds coming from a wall with no one around… we found visible scratch marks on the same wall where the sounds were coming from.
  • We got some of the gollege kids that was there, bang their hands on the wall where the scratch marks were.  This was a not so smart thing to do because immediately foot steps (bi-ped)  came running towards us from the opposite direction.  We turned and nothing was there.     ALL of the brave college kids left quickly and it was caught on audio… freakn' hilarious.   Don't get me wrong.. I think I prairie dogged a little.
  • Something walked up the stairs beside us and nothing was there, which caused more butt puckering and a lil' dampness in the front.
  • When we were in the areas of foot steps and sounds, the temperatures dropped 10 to 20 degrees on surfaces.  We captured this on camera with a digital temperature thing.   By the way it was warmer outside the Inn than inside, kind of like my ex-wife.
  • Temperatures fluctuated in the fireplace that allegedly the owner had burned people in.
  • We captured the lights on our cameras being manipulated on command / request when we were calling the owner's name and stuff.
  • My recorder had stopped on it's own… you will hear me tripping out about it on the video… by the way this event caused more f' bombs to fly out of our mouths than one of my drunken sailor nights, back in the day.
  • We found a bat, that's right a freakn' bat!!!  It was still in place hanging from the ceiling in the corner of the room that appeared to have burned in place.  This was right by the fireplace with no burn marks around it.  I have this on video with close-ups.  Shouldn't smoke when ya' sleep… I know that batty!!!
  • When I was lying on the floor sticking the camera through the hole in the floor… something seemed to be directly in front of me after I heard a bang and the temperature dropped and that feeling went down my body in a wave like something was walking by me or over me.  I think the Inn owner may have been gay… being all over me like that… ewwwwww!!!
  • Joe said he captured some orbs along with some unexplained lighting and that will be available In the video also…


  • There were some shadows moving around but I am not sure if it wasn't flash lights…
  • I didn't see any orbs but did see a bunch of dust and dirt.
  • The ghost in the window from the outside is simply the way the paint was chipped off the walls…. But makes for GREAT pictures.
  • The hand prints and stuff where all spray painted on the walls along with some very distasteful other art work.  The alien chick was pretty kewl though… YOU'LL SEE!!!   Mwaaa haaa haaaa.
  • I never caught any screams, voices or images on audio / video…

Well that's it… even though some of it could be explained…. OMG!!! I am no longer a skeptic.. I believe there is something in the world that is not normal… it's paranormal.  WAIT!!!  Does that make me paranormal?

The video from both cameras and the gital still shots will be edited along audio files, will be available soon. 

TAPS if you're reading this, we can give you all of the raw stuff if you want it.  We have all of the audio on two recorders, proof of temp fluctuations, still photos and video of the lights being manipulated.

Let me know your run-ins and thoughts on this… WOW!!!  It may have been fun and some funny… but it was unexplainable too and QUITE SPOOKY…

Later you all and be looking for the video and audio to come out soon on and other websites.


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