What an incredible week of comedy and a fun way to end a holiday.  I had the honor to perform at The Loony Bin Comedy Club in Little Rock, Arkansas with some of the funniest national talent I have ever performed with.  The comedians were Headliner James Johann (http://www.Jamesjohann.com) “The Rural Genius” and Feature Susanna Lee (http://www.susannalee.com).  James brought his insights and life’s reflections to the stage which kept me laughing every single show.  He brought something different to each of the shows and ended them with just as much energy as he started with.  Susanna was simply incredible!!!  She also reflected on some of life’s experiences along with some extremely hilarious perspectives and even some dancing.  Between James and Susanna, my stomach muscles are still sore as all get out.  I also brought my flavor of comedy to the stage about local observations and some audience interactions, that’s right ‘a twist of Doc’.  Everyone kept pointing at each other and laughing at many of the stories they related to.  I have to admit that some of the audience made my job VERY easy (like a dude wearing a priest shirt / collar, catholic school girl skirt and heals), Wow!!!  First thing that came to mind was that he molests himself… but I guess, don’t we all… hehehe. 

The Loony Bin staff was awesome!!!  They took very good care of me and the other comedians and the audience.  No one was EVER left wanting, GREAT food, drinks, service and it was a very comfortable atmosphere.  You need to visit this place, GREAT PLACE AND PEOPLE!  You can find more information at http://www.loonybincomedy.com.  A huge thanks to Jeff Jones for giving the excellent opportunity on stage.

I wanted to say thanks to all of those that came to support me and the shows.  Some folks that I specifically wanted to mention that stopped to say hello after the shows included Rebekkah (role of quarters owner), Sharpe, Chucky D, Grant, Julio, Luke, Victoria, Shelly, Timothy, Chris G., Robert and Wife, Jim B., Christy, Dr. Love, Billy S. and Samantha, Michael, Carry, Kyle, Sam, Vikki, Mike K., Steve P., Sean, dude in the skirt and many others…sorry if I missed you in the note…  I suck with names and remembering crap including my own, hehehe.  I do love you all regardless and THANK YOU SO Much for the support.  It was VERY cool to hear so many say they listen to The Point’s afternoon show with Sharpe Dunaway and Mike Kennedy and listen to my feature of Un-DOC-Umented News… awesome!

Thank you everyone and HAPPY HOLIDAYS,

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