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IMGP5170Saturday July 27th was Doc’s Group Therapy Comedy Broadcast / Podcast (Smoke’n with Stupid) broadcast live (http://www.MixLR.com/docs-group-therapy) and recorded at The Pipe and Tobacco Shop (www.PipeAndTobaccoShop.com), Little Rock.  We talked stupid stuff and stupid people.   The difference between this show and other is that there were therapy challenges from aluminum chewing challenges to electroshock on the hands and / or nipples.  We were totally cracking up every time someone got shocked, especially at Ben Malone and his nipple cooking.  Greg of the Pipe and Tobacco had to do a social therapy challenge and whisper sweet nothings to Luke along the lines of him being sexy.  We think that Luke may have been enjoying making people suffer a little too much by calling out challenges!  Maduro the cat got into the action comforting those being electrocuted and keeping feet warm.  Maduro is simply a huge 19 pound fat, fluffy, loveable cat.  Mention Doc’s Group Therapy and you will get special deals at The Pipe and Tobacco Shop.  On Doc’s Group Therapy, you now have to have a safe word.  More therapy and laughs to come on the next Doc’s Group Therapy in August.

The panel included host Michael ‘Doc’ Davis, his awesome geeky co-host Grant Morris, bored-board man Luke Rowlan, Greg from the Pipe and Tobacco Shop, Nathan Angel, comedians Ben Malone (www.Facebook.com/Ben.Malone.397), and Regan Dalby (www.Facebook.com/Reagan.Dalby).  Our photographer is the one and only Nurse Jill Rowlan (www.Facebook.com/PicsByJill, which ALWAYS does AWESOME.  A special thanks to Doc’s fiancé Christy Sheets, Grant’s girl Lauren Faehl, Nathan’s wife Cheryl Angel aka ‘Womern’ for supporting the show.  Very special thanks to Cindy and Greg for making Pipe and Tobacco a new sponsor and allowing us to have fun at their business.

The Podcast release is June 30th on www.DocsGroupTherapy.com, LIVE on MixLR.com, iTunes, www.MichaelDocDavis.com, www.SoundCloud.com, YouTube, Facebook, and more…

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