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The final round is in the books from the Little Rock Loony Bin Comedy Club (!  6 comedians hit the stage and 3 placed by judge’s choice.   Some of the judging scores were influenced by the crowd’s applause.  Congratulations to Big Dre ( for 3rd place, John Michael Cronin ( for 2nd Place, and Mark Johnson ( for winning 1st place and the prize to host a paid gig at the Loony Bin Comedy Club!  All 6 finalists did a great job, some had an opportunity to get a chance to do set recovery and perform for dry crowds.  This isn’t easy but will be something that HAS TO be ready for.  There was a great turn out to see these local comedians trying to win their chance to host at the Loony Bin.  The crowd definitely made the comedians work hard and especially the people from Glenwood.  I enjoyed being the contest host for this event and being on the stage with other great talent.  Support for local comedy is critical and you just might see the next big comedian starting right here at the Loony Bin Comedy Club right here in Little Rock, Arkansas!

After the competition was over, Headliner Louis Johnson (, Feature Alvin Williams (, host Dan Fritche and I (Michael Doc Davis) took the stage for the comedy show while the results were tallied.  I always love being on the stage at the Loony Bin Comedy Club.  You can also check out my comedy podcast at   You have got to see / hear Louis Johnson, Alvin Williams and Dan Fritche live.   They are ALL absolutely hilarious!

I look forward to seeing you all at round 3 of the open mic competition at the Loony Bin Comedy Club!

Thank you EVERYONE from your buddy…

Michael “Doc” Davis (Actor, Comedian, Entertainer, Event Host / MC)





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