I had the privilege to perform / Co-Host at two shows sponsored by Jesters Entertainment (Wade Ledbetter) called Freedom Fest Saturday May 30th and Rev Fest on Sunday the 31st.   The Martyrs and Thunderheads put on the Freedom Fest show with the help from Jesters Entertainment and The Point 94.1.

At Freedom Fest in Judsonia Arkansas, the bands I was able to see when I got there was my friends from Eden Crow, McCuin and the boys that make the noise… THE MEANIES who closed out the night!!!  Reuben did some co-hosting and some comedy with Blake Woodson (The newly titled Fastest Tongue in Arkansas, Ladieeees, hint hint mwaaaa haaaa haaaa).  By the way… Street Doc is a kick butt dude… with a big heart!!!  I take my hat off to these bikers.  They really look out for their own.  What a brotherhood.

Chucky D (Arkansas Funnies Person) and I, Michael “Doc” Davis did some Comedy on the stage as well before I transformed into the Video Camera guy for… you guessed it, a WET T-Shirt contest and crowd participation!!!  WOW!!!  Everything was 3D and coming at me… I like… I like… hehehe.  Blake Woodson became an auctioneer with his HIGH SPEED tongue and got the bids for whoever gets to dump ice water on the contestants… By the way I don’t know if it was me or the camera that got over heated… hehehe…

Great Times!!!

At Rev Fest at the Revolution Room in Little Rock, Arkansas… poor Blake was worn out from the 2 nights prior at Freedom Fest but both him and Wade from Jesters Entertainment still brought more entertainment to Arkansas… Several Bands did their thing in 30 minute blasts of ROCK and even some had just performed at events just the night before.  Blake brought up bands until his voice gave out and I finished out the night starting with getting layed by a Jagermeister girl on stage (a frilly flower necklace thingy… what were you thinking), Blake got layed too…  Some of the bands included Rusty Hook, Wishtribe, Bombay Black, Spinning Jenny, McCuin, Dark from Day One and more (I don’t have the list)…

On top of all of this I got 8 under in a golf tournament, won a new set of Bazooka irons and was told I landed the Lead Role (Main Character) in a new film called Tuckerman… AN AWESOME WEEKEND!!!

A big thanks goes out to all of my family, friends and fans for all of the support…  I love you all!!!

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