WOW!!! What a freakn’ killer show at West End! These guys always rock hard as hell and bring life to 80’s music with energy, character and pure awesome classic rock POWER! I was taken back to the good old days of cruising Geyer Springs and Camp Robinson roads or kicking back at Burns or the River while JAMMING out with Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Ozzi, AC/DC, Van Halen, Kiss and others. Last night The Meanies even pulled off Prince.

Danny on vocals always captures the spirit of every one of the singers of the songs he sings. Darrell throws down on lead guitar with Matt on Bass and Alan on Keys and Rhythm and Sharpe beating out the pulse of each song on drums… WOW, WOW, WOW!!! These guys always inspire me as a person that is also in entertainment through their energy, creativity and incredible sound.

If you haven’t experienced these guys, then you have been missing a truly incredible opportunity. They have several shows coming up, but please understand that NEVER once is a show the same as one before it. I have been to several and ROCK just as hard at each and find something new every time. The entire band is VERY approachable and always makes sure that the fans / audience know how much they love them.

If you want to buy their DVD or find out when their next show is, then get out to their website at –

I hope to see these guys interviewed or an article written in the near future in Sync, Nightflying Magazine and / or other magazines. These guys have an incredible background and wonderful stories that they have shared with me about the stuff they have done and how they became a group. I have been planning to interview them myself and will in the near future in a video interview. Be looking for that on my website.

See you at one of their next shows…

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