It’s me again… Michael “Doc” Davis ( and I wanted to tell you what an honor it was to help coordinate, promote, host and be the opening comedian for the first Ham and Jam (Comedy and Music) event to benefit BACA(Bikers Against Child Abuse).  This was some serious fun and for a great cause.  BACA came out in big numbers (not talking about Mr. 55) along with supporting Bikers from all over.  Many others were in attendance as well that brought the event to a standing room only show.  The event was so incredible and moving, it took a lot of effort to not drop a tear on many occasions.  Seeing all of the people there for entertainment and helping in the fight against child abuse and its affects was indescribable.   I hope someone got a photo or two of the crowd.

Congratulations go out to the winner of the 50/50 drawing and the winner of the grill.  The person pulling the tickets was just bust’ing out with happiness to help even though someone had to put their glasses on to read the tickets, hahaha.  I don’t think he wanted to mess up is ability for distance focus… wink wink.  Great comedy, music, food, drinks and SO much more!!!  If you weren’t there, then you missed a lot!!!  You can still help out –

The event was only $8.00 for 5 Top comedians and an AWESOME band, the possibility to win prizes, dance the night away… and to top it off… you helped in the fight against child abuse.  100% of the proceeds benefited BACA to aid in their fight against child abuse and it’s affects.

I knew this was a great cause and I knew people would come and support, but what I imagined still didn’t come close to the incredible turnout and support.  This started out as a little idea that I had of Comedy and Music together that I called the Ham and Jam… and POOF!!!! Standing room only!!!  I can only hope that we all can make a positive difference in kid’s lives that had the misfortune of being abused or neglected. 

A huge thanks goes out to awesome, unbeatable, promotional radio work of The Point 94.1 (, BACA and Supporters, MacDaddy’s and staff, all of the people that came to enjoy the show, all of the other comedians that included (Tommy Kelley – , Angry Patrick –, Jason Thompson  – and Chucky D –, the Negative 5 band that included (JJ Weaver, Dena Giessmann, Terry Rhoades, Ben Johnson, Scott Smith, Matthew Harward, Scott Aclin).

The event has a website at  You can get information about BACA using this link  You can use the BACA link to contribute and find out other ways you can help.  Another great organization that you can look into is CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) –

If you want to check out at MacDaddy’s, here is their address – 314 N Maple St, North Little Rock, AR.  They have more than 9 pool tables, a shuffle board, darts, TV’s, music, dance floor, awesome staff and more. You can’t go wrong. 

Before I close, here is a note from the Toadsuck Chapter President, “According to reports our Ham and Jam fundraiser for Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) last night was an amazing success. Thanks to Debbie and the staff at MacDaddy's, everyone who attended and all my super BACA brothers and sisters from Arkansas and Tennessee who showed up to help out and make the event successful. Special thanks to the comedians and to the great band Negative 5. Michael "Doc" Davis you are da bomb baby! — Buddha, President, Toadsuck Chapter, Arkansas Bikers Against Child Abuse”

Thanks again everyone for all the support and love and I love you back!!!

Michael "Doc" Davis (Comedian, Entertainer, Event Host / MC)
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