The show at West End was outstanding!!!  Blake Woodson and I opened the show with a little comedy boxing match.  Blake was a good sport and I have to admit Blake lends himself well to comedy or at least the punch lines… hehehe.   I’m just kidding Blake, sorry about the KO. 

As always, Blake and I brought up the energy level and found there were 7 different birthdays, 1 divorce celebration, 3 anniversaries and during half time… OMG and a wedding proposal on stage that we ALL were thinking the woman was going to say no.  However, after asking 3 times in front of 200’ish people she finally said yes.   Shortly after, I even had the chance to creatively use a glow stick as a special ring of attention… mwaaaa haaaa haaaa.

McCuin ( rocked out with their originals and some cover songs.  I love bringing these guys on the stage.  Blake and I then had the pleasure of bringing up The Meanies and they ROCKED US out with killer covers of the 80’s and showed yet again that they ARE the boys that make the noise.
Before it was all over and just after mid-night, Blake did an interruption of the show so we could wish happy birthdays to all that were having them and especially two long time friends Darrell Yates (lead guitar of The Meanies) and Leslie Bingham.  Cup Cakes were brought out by the Manager Chris with trick candles (great job on the selection of the cup cakes Pam and Chree).  Leslie and Daryl blew each other……………………………….s candles out.   Awwwwwwwww and stuff.  Oh yeah… with this many birthdays on the same day… their parents must have been BUSY the winter before… hehehe

The night closed with a BIG Bang.  A big thanks to Grant, these are some AWESOME cigars.  It was good to see all of my friends and friends of the bands.  West End’s staff were awesome, never had to be thirsty once.  LOVE LOVE LOVE West End… I’ll be performing there with The Meanies on Halloween this year again so I hope to see you there.

BTW, the after party was a blast… and that’s all I will say about that…. Hehehe.See you all at my next show (The Ham and Jam) at MacDaddy’s August 15th – to help fight child abuse and its affects.  A HUGE Thanks to The Point 94.1 for help , BACA for stepping up to help children and MacDaddy’s for having the show at their location.

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