Wow!!! What an awesome time!!!  We had some of Arkansas’ Finest Comedians hit the stage including myself as the opening act and comedy show host.  The event also included 3 kick butt bands which were Bombay Black, The Meanies and lastly Mr. Lucky.  We all had a spectacular time celebrating Sharpe’s 41st birthday.  Blake Woodson opened the show and brought me up to do my thing.  We poked some fun at Sharpe with a few lil jokes here and there like; the reason they shortened the band name from ‘Sharpe Dunaway and the Blue Meanies’ to ‘The Meanies’ is because he is too old to remember the longer name and eventually they will just be called ‘The’, haha.  After I did my bit, I had the honor of bringing up my other MOST INCREDIBLE tour mates from the Anger Mis-Management Comedy tour.  They included Chucky D, Patrick the Angry, Angry Viewer and wrapping up was Tommy Kelley.  These guys also kicked some serious funny bones.  We truly appreciate the Revolution Room / Chris King, that rocking stage and Sharpe for including us in the show. 

Once the comedy was done; Blake came back up and we toasted the OLD OLD OLD OLD OLD OLD OLD OLD OLD Sharpe and opened the floor for some birthday whoopn’s (there were no takers).  Now the bands began ROCKING OUT!!!  First Bombay Black took charge of the stage and set the pace for the rest of the night of high energy fun.  Next were The Meanies and they kept us rocking with big hair fun and music from the 80’s, and lastly Mr. Lucky took it to the limits and kept the night air energized with SERIOUS ROCK!!!  The night was an AWESOME experience, simply AWESOME, did I say AWESOME!!!

I even got to rock out with my Nephew Cody and his Friend Ally (not sure how to spell it)…  See you at the next gig dude!!!

Happy Birthday Sharpe and I look forward to celebrating many more with you…. Sushi / Saki UP!!!  Vegas here we come!!!

Blake, it’s ROASTING TIME!!!!

Thanks everyone for your great comments about my act and the other comedians, it’s what keeps us going and enjoying what we do.  It’s going to be a great year.  Stay positive my friends.

Michael "Doc" Davis (Comedian, Entertainer, Event Host / MC)

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