I want to welcome HOME to all that have returned from IRAQ after protecting the US interests abroad and those that are there. The sacrifice of our US military is something that many will never have to choose to do. All of our service men and woman have volunteered to do the jobs that they do. Several even do it over and over. We should all be VERY proud of them and pray that they all can return safely and stay safe when in harm’s way. I truly love our military, our country and those that support both.

It was humbling to mingle with top brass of Generals and more along with representatives from governor’s office, the flag brigade and Andrea Rockefeller.

Captain Will Phillips did a BANG up job on his last assignment with this group putting this event on.

I had the honor to perform for these men, woman and their families on the stage with Arkansas’ Funniest Person Chucky D and the angry guy from the Corey and Jay show Angry Patrick. Like I told the audience… it’s a little intimidating to perform for the most powerful Military in the world that can erase you from it but I got em’ laughing anyway.

By the way, Andrea if you read this… you have a GREAT since of humor and we all commit to helping you in your cause where we can.

For everyone else, if you see a soldier or know one… give them a hug and tell them Thank You!!!

To all of the Military I salute the active, inactive and those that have fallen. I love you all and pray that peace finds you no matter where you are.

Once again WELCOME HOME 39th and 212th!!!


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