What a fun night and a blast in competition.  The Big Doin’s comedy contest in Rogers Arkansas was a contest and benefit for the Benton County Sunshine School (Helps developmentally challenged children).  I had a great time performing / competing in the contest with the other comedians (Tim Steed, George Elswick and Jody Fuller).  Seeing so many support such a GREAT cause was incredible. 

The contest required the set to be a clean one and I upheld that promise and delivered one of my best clean sets yet.  I even involved the judges and the old dude hitting on the old lady in the front row as part of my jokes and joking.  Seeing so many laugh and enjoy themselves while I performed was a great feeling.  I didn’t win the $1000, but I felt like I still won by being part of this GREAT event and hope to do so again in the years to come.

The event included a VERY touching video, music, food, drinks, comedians, a silent auction and even a live auction.

A special thanks goes out to those that support me and are always there for me.  Without you I could have NEVER have got this far.  A very special thanks goes out to Denise… thank you SO much for being there.

For more information on the Benton County Sunshine School in Rogers Arkansas, you can use this link – http://www.nwabcss.org/.  To see all of the sponsors and those that put this event together or supported it, you can use this link – http://bcss.cdmiweb.com/text/event-program.pdf.


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