Doc’s Group Therapy Podcast ( was recorded live at Knight Play on June 22nd and is the funniest comedy talk show out of Arkansas.   The panel included host Michael ‘Doc’ Davis, his awesome geeky side kick Grant Morris, bored-board man Luke Rowlan, photographer birthday girl Jill Farris, Crew and Actor Tony Gschwend from the feature movie Tuckerman, Drew Mitchell (aka Half Moon) from the Point 94.1 and Doug Cantrell with Knight Play Bar and Grill. 

The show included some behind the scenes funny stuff about movie making (, the panel’s thought on this summer season including hairy people, Un-DOC-Umented News ( with a new twists, and final thoughts. 

This was an awesome show and hilarious from the start with Doug Cantrell of Knight Play Bar & Grill / Castle Valley Golf Course (  The entire show was recorded live from the stage at Knight Play Bar and Grill.  This was a pretty awesome location right in the middle of a golf course.  Karaoke followed the show and yep Doc even got up and sang ‘I got friends in low places…’.  Doc even gave the birthday girl, Jill Farris, birthday spankings and he also cheered on Luke Rowlan in very close proximity as Luke was on stage singing.   Let’s just say that you would have to ask him to understand what this really means.

There were many laughs had by all and you may want to make sure to listen to this session while not driving… it just might make you wreck.

The Podcast release was on June 24th on, iTunes,,,,, Facebook, etc…

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