Docs Group Therapy Podcast was recorded live at Kevin Clay’s Cave on August 18th. The panel included host Michael ‘Doc’ Davis, his awesome geeky side kick Grant Morris, bored-board man Lu

ke Rowlan, the AWESOME Arkansas Social Media Wizard Kevin Clay, and surprise guests Mr. Cat and Wolf Dog. Our photographer is the one and only Nurse Jill Farris.

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The Podcast release was August 21st on, iTunes,,,,, Facebook, etc…

Kevin Clay (, Mr. Cat, and Wolf Dog were incredible hosts.  We ate well, never went thirsty, and the cigars were AWESOME!  This was our first show outside and it was a PERFECT day for it.  Who would have thought that Docs Group Therapy would be outside in August in Arkansas and not one drop of sweat?  We talked about s

ocial media and business with quite a few little twists and turns but somehow ended up being very informative, thanks to Kevin Clay.  We even mentioned the one and only Sharpe Dunaway.  We then went straight into the topic of the month which was social networking and it’s affects on us and our lives and this included a story about our friend Blake Woodson.  Finally we closed it out with Un-Doc-Umented News (Real News with a Twist of Doc)… We were able to include at least one story from the Facebook page of Docs Group Therapy ( about Scott and him showing off his privates on MySpace by accident… The show was absolutely hilarious!  The next show will be October 2012 and it will be a special themed session and then a HUGE show in November.

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