I have to admit that this had to be the most incredible and fun Halloween weekend I've ever had.

Pardon my grammar… LOTS of stuff to cover…

Friday started out with a visit from a friend that I hadn't seen in a while and I tell you what… that was some GREAT visiting. I love the holidays!

1st – Saline-O-Ween – Benton, Arkansas: Saturday started out when I hit the stage to do a comedy set in the morning at Saline-O-Ween – http://www.salineoween.com in Benton, Arkansas. This was an outside event that was 100% family friendly with all kinds of stuff to do. The event benefited an organization called Within Reach – http://www.withinreachinc.org (Helps Youth that are Homeless). What a great job by all of those that put the event together. It was an honor to perform for such a great cause. From the stage I made some observational jokes about stuff like the folks doing ‘Tator’ sack races… ON ASPHALT! At first I didn’t think it was a good idea. Then I realized it was hosted by a local Boy Scout troop… I think they were after First Aid badges, funny stuff. It wasn’t as funny as the dude I saw later that was wearing a Batman costume that he likely bought 80 pounds ago. He had a smaller dude with him wearing the Robin outfit… that’s right… FATMAN and BOBBIN… hehehe. I did met some great people at the event for sure… some that I had only talked to via Facebook and stuff. Of course The Point 94.1 (http://www.point941.com) was there supporting our causes. See you all again next year.

2nd – West End’s Costume Contest / Party – Little Rock, Arkansas: Saturday Nights Halloween Costume Contest and Party was freakn’ at West End (http://www.westendsmokehouse.net) was awesome! I was the host and comedian for the night for the second year in a row. I enjoyed doing my comedy set throughout the contest and I had a BLAST!!! I went as the Lucky Charmer… I had a hat on with clovers that said, ‘I’m Magically Delicious’, Green shades with clovers on the lenses, a necklace made of lucky rabbits feet, lucky charms around my belt, a mistletoe ball above my belt (which everyone played with) and a role of lucky pennies in my pocket (hehehe). It paid off… I got lots of luck smooches from the ladies and LOTS from the very lovely Victoria. The contest was awesome with sexy, funny, scary and ‘what the’ costumes. They included the tempting eve’s (Amber with the broke duct tape tail snake) with apple, sexy bees, sexy cops, NO SCHOOL GIRL costumes… hehehe, the d_ck in a box guys, snipers, pirates, f’n pirates, snipers, smurf’s, blind SEC refs and last but not least… the winner of $500 (Head on a silver platter) with I renamed to divorce… hehehe. The Meanies ROCKED (http://www.meanpeoplerule.com) the entire night… AWESOME AWESOME!!! They are the absolute best 80’s and more cover band anywhere. Let me know if you want more information on them for booking. There are some pictures out there floating around and hopefully I can get em posted. To all the folks that made it out and stuff… you guys are AWESOME! Thank you for all of the kind comments about the show too… WOW!!! I wish I would have had more shirts to throw out. Thanks to West End and their wait staff, The Meanies, the Contestants, friends, fans… even some of my co-stars from the Tuckerman movie present . I love you ALL!!!

Lastly – Comedy Bingo at Maumelle Park, Little Rock, Arkansas: This was the last event of the weekend and on Sunday afternoon. That’s right I was at a corporate event in Maumelle park playing games, chatting and then doing what I call comedy bingo. I had WAY too much fun with this… I was calling numbers and doing a comedy set at the same time… hehehe… how fun. I have to admit that some of the prizes made these folks take the bingo games VERY serious… but not as serious as people at an old folks home I called numbers for once, just ask me and I’ll tell ya’ the story. I have to say that the company that put this event on knows how to PARTY!!! This was a family friendly event with rides, food, games, climbing walls, more food, prizes and music… I had a blast and gained 10 pounds… hehehe.

How was all this for an eclectic weekend!!!

Happy Halloween EVERYONE and thank you all for the laughs, love and fun!!!

You can hear me every Friday afternoon between 5-6PM doing my Un-DOC-Umented News to Yous (http://www.undocumentednews.com) with Mike Kennedy and Sharpe Dunaway on The Point 94.1 (http://www.point941.com). I will also perform Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday of Thanksgiving week at the Loony Bin Comedy Club in Little Rock, Arkansas (http://www.loonybincomedy.com/lr).


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